Cutmaster 60i sl100sv automated machine torch

for automation interface (a-series only) 50:1
firing pins are 3 and 4 pin 5 neg 6 pos

my question to langmuir dan or mike is the male end of plug coming from plasma cutter to the vim box outside negitive inside positive? checking continuity

Hi Rob,

You’ll use the divided voltage input pigtail cable to pints 5 and 6 like you said above. Pin 5 negative should go to red and pin 6 positive should go to black.

As for the male barrel connector end, the red wire has continuity to the outside of the jack and the black wire has continuity to the inside pin.


thank you mike for conforming what i got


Did you ever get the THC to work with your 60i/sl100sv plasma cutter? I have the same setup and am struggling with the variable firing times of the torch.


i have been so busy with my regular job no time to play sucks. been running in IHS at 1.20 pierce runs fine 14 gauge fusion 360 getting ready to run 18 gauge stainless. allot of stainless to pl ay with ill get it dialed in with thc it will be fun lol.

this is why i started this thread.