Cutmaster 42 raw voltage

Has anybody successfully wired the cutmaster 42 cutter to the LS THC using the raw voltage cable?

just wondering if you figured out the raw voltage stuff? Im just putting my table together and running a cutmaster 42.

Raw arc voltage is the cutting voltage. Some plasma cutters run 100KOhm resistors on each line to stop arcing in the connector plug.
Here is were you would hook your raw arc voltage wires positive and negative.

thats how i hooked it up. Im dealing with the “lost arc” issue now. I have an email into LS. I dont show any live voltage in the fire control system and i can cut a few inches before it giving the error. I tested the usb to the table and it shows there is continuity between them so that might be the issue.

I haven’t messed with mine. If you make any progress, please update the thread. Got any pics of the wiring?

i booked mine up just like in the diagram that was posted. it was simple enough to do. there are 5 screws on each side of the case. once those are out, the center green part just lifts off. it’s easy to find the torch hookup, there is a 1/2” nut that has a ware going to it and he black hose for the air. the hookup for the cable is buried lower in the case. you have to pull he 3 screws that hold the front on and slide it forward to see where it hooks up. it’s just a smaller ring terminal where the clamp it screwed to the board. I still have the cover off mine. ill try to get some pics. i also hooked the on/off for torch trigger up in there.

Thanks for the info. Any pics would be great.