CutControl development random thoughts

I really appreciate being able to run CutControl on multiple platforms - that being said, it’d be awesome if we could also run it on these “rugged” tablets, as they’re usually IP rated and a hell of a lot more convenient than a touchscreen monitor connected to a desktop. Most of those tablets run Android though.

CutControl is written primarily in Java. Kotlin (the primary development language of Google’s Android OS) is a derivative of Java and can use existing Java classes. If CutControl were to be rewritten in Kotlin Multiplatform it could re-use most of the existing com.langmuir.cnc.cutcontrolcore model/config/settings/etc. classes. Using Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform would allow you to distribute CutControl on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. The only part that would have to be platform-specific would be the serial USB connection.

Anyway, just a thought, not expecting a response really, just more of an unsolicited brain dump.

i am not sure a tablet is powerful enough to run it though.