Cut turns 'splashy and messy' 1/2 way through

This is on16ga steel. Settings are:
pierce delay: .1
pierce height: .015
IPM: 180
razorweld 45, set at 45amp
lead in/out: .09
kerf: .045
I have 80 psi at the plasma cutter, running through a HF refrigerated air dryer/filter - although this is what I suspect is the issue. The confusing part to me is this doesn’t happen every time, but when it does it goes bad quickly. I’m new to plasma cutting, and truly at a loss on this one.

Appreciate any insight and feedback.


Pierce delay is too short, but you could also be losing air pressure if the compressor can’t keep up. It could also be burned up electrode.

What is the cut height?

Where is your ground clamp? On the material?

Definitely check your consumable pack thoroughly.

Film your pressure gauge is close to the plasma as possible during the cut. is it keeping up?

Are you using a entered a nominal voltage or are you using smart voltage?

The crazy bevel right here makes me think the cut height was very high during this cut.

It should be close to.055-.06

Looks like a ground issue. But could be something else like a little too fast on cut speed.

I checked the delay and I mistyped - it’s actually .5. I have this hooked up to an 80gal 2 stage compressor, so pretty sure it’s keeping up.

I’ll check the electrodes! thank you.

I have the ground right on the material.

I’m not sure what this is, or how to check it? I have the cut height set to .06.

Based on the feedack so far, I’ll change the consumables to see if that helps.

In your torch height controlling you have the option of either it using smart voltage where in the first few milliseconds of cut it figures out what the voltage should be and automatically sets it.

Or there is the option to just write in a nominal voltage in that menu the big advantage is is that it doesn’t need the time to figure out the smart voltage on small cuts. So on a very short small cut you make up that little bit of time by the machine not having the sense smart voltage.

definitely check out your consumable pack that could just throw everything off.