Cut path outside of cut area

Ok, i’m sure I am missing something

. When I upload the .tap file it show it outside of the cutting area.

how do I fix this?

what are you using to post process the file

I’m using the latest version on SheetCam, 7.0.17.
It appears fine in SheetCam

what did you use to design it…

Fire control will not show the work area that sheetcam shows you from what I remember…

allthe same…looks like a lot of possible wasted space and metal on that.

I’ve tried four different .tap files and they all show outside of the cutting area when I upload them. I designed one, two I got off of Fireshare and one designed by someone else. All post processed in SheetCam.

remember the cutting area is only a guide …it is not something that constrains the drawing
you can actually remove the cutting area as it is not added to the TAP file

these two will cut the exact same

I am not sure what your getting at or how this helps.
My issue is in FireControl and the cut path outside of the cutting limits. I assume this is an issue in SheetCAM, but I don’t know what the problem is.
If you look at the first image I posted, All of the files I load show up outside of the cutting area of the machine. If I try to start the operation the gantry hits the limits as it is outside of the cutting area.

something is strange here…your cutting area in sheetcam should not show up or affect you FC picture

I can not take shots of FC right now as my table is down for a few days while i renovate my shop.

is this what your Job Options looks like?

Other then the size yes,when I moved the Origin it just moves the location outside of the cutting area on FC.
Funny thing is when I load the break-in .tap it shows up in the cutting area.

This problem is related to the origin setting in Sheetcam. The XR tables have the X in the short direction and Y in the long direction, so the home location is in what would be upper left on the Pro table. I think setting the origin at the upper left in Sheetcam may solve the problem.

He really needs someone with an XR table that uses Sheetcam to answer the question.

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you are correct , X is the short and y is the long. Homing the machine puts it in the upper left.

I’m trying to visualize which way to rotate the Sheetcam table display in my head and I’m not sure if it would be rotated right or left. If setting the origin in the upper left doesn’t work, try the lower right.

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Ok, So I’ve found a work around so I can actually start cutting!
If I use the “Set Program Origin” button on FireControl I can move the work into the cutting area. It is by no means a fix, but at least I can now do some cutting.

You can also do that by changing the origin location in “machine options” in Sheetcam. That’s what I was referring to in my previous posts.

I did try that and it only moved the position outside of the cutting area. I tried changing the Job options also and it doesn’t put the file in the cutting area.
This has been the only way to move it into the cutting area.

In FireControl, you can either change the Program Origin as you’ve mentioned or simply set your Zero location such that the entire file fits within machine limits (jog down in Y then ‘Zero All Axes’).

Due to the layout I would also recommend rotating this nest 180 degrees to save contiguous material!

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thx, that’s another option.

But can it fixed in SheetCam?

Where is your origin on the machine? Is it in one corner of the table or do you zero on the sheet?

Not sure about your question.
0 on X and Y is the upper left corner, if that’s what you mean by origin on the machine.