Cut diagnosis for first cut?-SOLVED

Hello - hoping to get some feedback on what I may have done wrong on this first file. This is the leg mount bracket from Fireshare. I processed it using the directions found in the Langmuir’s Fusion videos. I’m pretty sure I followed them pretty well using the caveats for my machine having THC. This is with an Everlast Powerplasma 60 cutting 1/8 at 45amps, 65-70PSI and 70IPS. The outside edges seem pretty good, but the holes not so much.

Curiosity bump

If you had a Hypertherm Powermax I could help with cut quality!

Solved. OK, so I made two changes at once: I somehow had the machine on 4T, which meant that the torch was firing the whole time. It needs to be on 2T for the table to send the signal to turn off. I also changed to fresh electrode and nozzle. I have a feeling that the electrode was the issue. It was a bit loose inside the torch. Cuts look much better now.