Cut control improvements

I understand when we program a part we need to post process by the tool and run multiple programs. is it unrealistic to expect CC to run a whole program and when a tool change is required, Send to Front command and Tool Set after the change??? in the post process. why does it seem simple in my brain and not even on the radar for LM. it drives me nuts. work flow and even programing would be so much more intuitive !!! even without an ATC it would make more sense.

albeit im not a software guy by any stretch but CC is a decent suit with some decent tools available.

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@AnimalMother It’s a limitation of what the software (called grbl) on the control board can do. When I first replaced my control system but still used all of Langmuir’s hardware I did have that form of tool switching.

The new Cut Control does an approximation of that by running independent g-code programs for each tool so that they can keep using grbl and only had to chance the PC software.

I guess I get what you’re saying. g code is g code, we are talking a few lines sprinkled here and there to pause, send to front, switch tools, auto tool set, then resume.

I can do all those things between the plug ins in CC and manually jogging it around, but your saying Alex, is that grbl will have a fit?

BTW. a complete control swap is in my future for sure. along with a new spindle, taking right after your path. just need to the time to dedicate to it

They’re planning to support multiple tools in a single program. They’re just so incredibly slow about getting their software updated. Grbl or not, tool changes are handled by the control software, by doing exactly as you described…when it sees a new tool it can stop feeding lines to the controller, send to front, send to tool setter, then continue feeding lines. As someone who has created software to interact with CMM machines and fadal cnc controllers for several years, I can tell you it’s possible and not very difficult.