CUT 60, THC voltage problems

Crossfire Pro, latest gen CUT60 with cnc port (wired divided voltage), Fusion 360. New system, new user, but I have made quite a few parts successfully…no issues at all. I recently had an IHS error where I found the limit switch to activate prematurely due to a z axis restriction, then I adjusted the eccentric bearings on the z axis and got rid of that error, then…now, when starting any program, the torch stops after a short piercing burst, with “Torch moving before cutting voltage sensed” error.

Here is what I have done so far. Please tell me if I am on the right path, and if I am, what to do next;

  • Ran system without THC-cuts perfect.
  • Installed new consumables.
  • THC test-Resting 0.5v, Line voltage 0.0v
  • Verified resistance/contunity between the usb/case/frame. Fine per specs.
  • Following THC Voltage Check Guide-Straight cut, 92.0v between work ground and pin #4.

One thing I have noted, but dont believe it to be an issue is the actual cut height. I am only cutting 14ga, so its not real noticeable, it leaves a very clean cut with minimal dross, but I have inputted a cut height of .05" but the actual is .10" when paused during a cut. When I modify the .05" in the tool library the .10" is unchanged…but not sure if this is just another issue.

Input appreciated!

Can you post a picture of your torch mounted in the Z axis? Your torch may be mounted too high and the Z axis bottoms out or trips the IHS switch before it gets down to .050".

I assume all is ok with torch height. It appears to have plenty of -z travel left. Pic attached.

Update on test voltages: measured output voltage from vim box to input at pins (thc port) and got 1.5v . Looks like this is within range, so proceeding to verify this same voltage at thc chip pins.