Cut 60 consumables question

It looks like the electrode is arcing on the nozzle. Is this normal?

No that is not normal. Mine start to do that a little when the consumables get worn, but nowhere near that bad. What do the tip of the electrode and nozzle tip look like?

@mechanic416 is the expert to tell you why that could be happening, but I would say your electrode and cup are worn out or your swirl ring is not seated properly and/or spring back for the electrode not working properly.

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Hard to tell for sure from the pic, but it looks like the hafnium is pretty well burned out. How much cutting time do you have on that electrode and cup? Have you tried new consumables?

That electrode had about 15 minutes of cutting on it. This is the second set of consumables. I just replaced everything again, swirl ring included and its still doing it. I also checked my air and its coming through dry. The spring in the torch also seems to be working.

Here is the nozzle.

I will have to defer to @mechanic416 or one of the other guys here. My Cut60 definitely does not have that issue to that extent.

What do you have for air filteration to plasma cutter?

Yes and no. Yes every time the torch pilot arc’s it will arc between the electrode and cutting tip. But repeated pilot arc’s over a short period of time will make it worse as well as low air pressure and or moisture in the air.

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I have a water trap and a desiccant filter.

Thanks George! I have my air pressure to 65 psi. Maybe I need a better air dryer. I will take the cutter to work on Monday where I know the air is bone dry and see if it improves.

Increase your air pressure,70-75 psi is what you want while cutting material.

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I will try that. I am going to be cutting with 30 amp nozzle today.

120 psi to the plasma cutter and 70 psi flow from the plasma cutter when cutting.


I upped the pressure to 70psi and my compressor regulator to120. Cut quality was great. Minimal dross. this is a 30amp consumable btw

That does not look good.
What plasma cutter?
Were are the consumables from?
Work clamp on the metal?
Are you snugging the electrode?

Primeweld cut 60
Consumables from Primeweld
Work clamp on metal being cut.
I am tightening the electrode with the wrench that came with the machine.

It looks like your getting what is called double arcing. That means it is pilot arcing as well as cut arcing at the same time. Most of the time this is when you are touching the tip to the metal being cut or something is shorting out between the cutting tip and the positive or work clamp. You may even have a PCB going bad in the plasma cutter.

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Thanks George! I will get ahold of primeweld on Monday. The plasma cutter is brand new.

Are you using a hand torch or machine torch?