Cut 45 Cabling to Cross-Fire Pro

OK, I’m a true Freshmen wrt the art of CNC. Have a new CF Pro, all assembled, and dry-run program ran “sat”. All (3) axis(s) operate as designed. Purchased with the CF-Pro, a new RazorWeld Cut 45 (has 2 cable ports on front, each have 2 pins). I believe that I have it cabled up properly… Cut45 -> VIM -> Electronics Enclosure, per the install directions. The LS-THC is installed and I have the required ‘red’ and ‘green’ lites lit. However, once I get into the Fire Control Program and run the “THC Health Check”, the Average THC Re-Check Voltage is 271.3 volts. The “Resting Voltage is To High”. I have disconnected the IHS cable from the electronics enclosure as recommended in the tutorial…re-ran the check…still, I read 270 volts. Hmmm…anyone?

the torch on/off is on the left side and THC on the right on the front of the cutter. I believe the connection instructions are wrong and they have it backwards.

Thanks - just found this note (see below)…wow…

9/10/2020: WARNING

We have received reports that the Torch and Voltage Divider ports have been switched in a small number of Razorweld Plasma cutters. If you are experiencing issues with your Torch not firing and your THC voltages not functioning as expected, test to see if the torch turns on and off (via Manual Torch Fire in FireControl) while plugged into the left port. Then test the right port for THC Voltage accuracy with FireControl. If you have any questions, please reach out to Langmuir Systems Support.

Tried the “Manual Torch Firing in FC” …no joy! Swooped the cables on the front of the Cut 45 and received a 0.0v reading/result of the THC Health Check (vice 270v)…this allowed me to proceed to the “Live Voltage THC Test”. Ran this test three separate times and received a reading of 300.0v ea time. --Question. What voltage(s) SHOULD I see as a result of the THC Health Check? And, as a result of the Live Voltage Test? Please & Thanks…