Custom water table questions

I have a Crossfire Pro with an Esab Pro cut 900. I’ve seen videos and read posts that some of us are cutting through the water pan and all of the trouble we’re having with leaking. I don’t have my machine fully assembled yet but I am to the point that I’m dealing with the water pan. I will be calling tomorrow to get pricing on either having a one piece water table made or getting pricing on the material to make my own. I don’t want to do it twice so I have some questions.

The original pan is 20 Gauge stainless, what would the perfect thickness be for my Esab 900 ?

The sides of my pan are 2.5" if I go to 3" or 4" sides what else would I have to change ? taller Slats ? taller rails that hold the slats ?

What grade of stainless would work the best ?

I plan on putting tabs on the outside of the pan to attach it to the frame and eliminate the holes for the screws in the pan, Any thoughts ?

I plan on either welding bungs in the bottom for the drains or having them dimpled for the original style of bungs, Would bigger bungs be better ? or would smaller be better ?

The pan is 56" x 36" ( I think, I don’t have my notes with me ) should these dimensions be adjusted for any reason ? or are they good the way they are ?

I really appreciate any and all help with this.

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where and how old are those videos…???..I have tried to cut through the pan…I have blown 60psi with 60 amps on 16ga metal…and with the water to the top of the slat holder…I am not even close to the pan warming up…

I have the standard water tray and I TIG welded it together and have had zero problems.

I think you may be over thinking the water pan

if I were you I would consider making higher stanchion plates to raise the whole gantry…

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I put the dates and links to the water pan problem videos. From what I’m seeing this is a great machine that’s why I bought one. It looks like the only downfall is the water pan. I plan on having this machine around for a long time and would rather take care of it’s problems now to make it perfect so I can enjoy the machine and not have to deal with them later.

This one is from 2021 (20) How To Fix Your Langmuir Systems Crossfire Pro’s Leaking Water Table - YouTube

This one is from 2019 (20) New Stainless Water Table For My CrossFire CNC - Langmuir Systems - YouTube

This one is from 2021 (20) The Good, The Bad, The Ugly… Crossfire Pro Plasma CNC Table: 6 Months Later - YouTube

one video is of the old table…they did not come with water pans…
the other ones talk about the seam leaking…and yest that is a problem for some people…
there is a lot of information on different products people have used here…
but if you bolt the pans to the table…bolt the pans together…but do not put any sealant…then put a 1/4 of water in each side you can TIG weld the pans together…I did this and have not had any leaks or any issues…and like I said…have tried…by accident…to burn through the pan…no luck…

In the year and a bit I have been around…I have not heard of anyone burning through the pan…or having issues with the pan once they have welded it together…
spending money for a custom pan is your choice…but it seems like a waste of money and your resources and time.

just my thoughts


Same here. Not even close to cutting thru.

Only reports of accidentally cutting through that I have heard are with 65 plus amps and thick material with a slow travel speed.

I warped mine trying to cut 1/4" too slow and too close together with too little water in it. So I took the pan to machine shop had it welded together and had 1/4" x 3" stainless bolts welded into the screw holes. The I took them some 3/4" stainless pipe couplings to weld to the drain holes got it all done for around $100. No leaks and easy to plumb drains…

I’m sorry if I’m going against the proverbial grain but I tend to over think, over research, over do things and I can’t stand doing things twice. I ordered a 1 piece pan which is being made from 16 gauge 304 #4 stainless with 3" walls. My plan is to weld in sanitary TRI clamp fittings for drains, a bung for filling the table, a bung for a fluid level sensor and welding tabs to the pan to bolt the pan to the frame without the holes going through the pan.

Install stanchion risers too and you’ll be very happy you did.

At our shop we build a lot of stainless steel countertop so hopefully I’m going to be able to get around to doing exactly what you described.

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What’s the custom pan gonna cost? I’d like to upgrade one day.

If I built one of those for a customer with a drain hole and welded corners approximately 4x3x3 in.

It would take an hour to lay out cut bent weld. I would charge a 2-hour minimum anyhow. 180$

Material what approximately be 15 bucks a square foot Canadian retail. We stock 14 gauge number four.
So approximately sq 15 ft. So 225$ material

If it came out of my doors in South East British Columbia it would cost approximately $400 cdn bucks Plus gst and pst.

I’m sure pricing to have this done is going to vary wildly around North America.

I would look for a shop that deals with commercial sanitary kitchens. They would be able to hammer something that like that out way faster than normal sheet metal HVAC shop or a standard welding outfit.

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That’s not too far off from US prices but I don’t know what your taxes are in Canada. Here in Boise Idaho it cost me $341 including taxes for the 16 gauge 304 material formed into a pan without the corners welded. I plan on having about $450 into the pan itself and about $700 into the whole system with a fill pump, auto drain valves, level sensors, WIFI switches, filters and storage tank. With the original cost of this machine VS the cost of a machine that would have been too big for me there is plenty of room in the original budget to have a little fun with it.

Blue17Ram Where are you located, and where did you get the pan done?

I’m in Boise, Idaho …Woody’s Sheet Metal, LLC

Thanks A bit to far

could you please do a topic on your water table build. I would like to see it. maybe add part #'s too.

interesting how close that pricing is only a drive, 9 hours apart.

hey man…don’t be sorry…you have to do what makes you happy…if everyone listened to me I would say the world would be a amuch better place…but that is next week when I do get the sharks with lasers and take over the world!!!

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I absolutely will but I don’t know how quickly I will get it done. I’ve had the parts for just about every upgrade I could find for these machines on here and Youtube sitting in my shop for about a month now and they haven’t installed themselves yet.

My shop is somewhat of a “show shop”. I can talk to my shop and some of my machines and they do what I ask/tell them to do. When I walk into my shop I can just say “turn shop on” and it will turn the lights on turn the heat or A/C on and set the temp to whatever I have it set to for summer or winter, turn the TV and security cameras on, turn music on …etc when I leave I just have to say “turn shop off” and it will turn everything off that I had on and set temps to whatever I have overnight temps set to.

My intentions are to have this Plasma table in the system so when I say " turn plasma table on" it will fill the table, turn the monitor and PC on, turn the compressors on and open the air valve so the table is ready for me. When I say "turn table off " or “turn shop off” it will turn everything off and drain the table.


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I absolutely love the shop voice activation…that is so cool…

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