Cruel and unusual torture

Lets sell them a table for a awesome deal, but not let them have it for months.
Lets send a bunch of parts but no hardware to assemble it with.
Lets offer a new program but make it so they cant get it until they have a box that we haven’t shipped.

Im not mad!!! Just giving you guys a hard time​:joy::joy::joy::joy:. I know you are working hard to get us a great product


I hear ya man. I just hope we get ours before batch 2 people do lol

It’s even worse for me. I’m in the April pre-order, and it’s KILLING me - the anticipation of seeing the first cuts and products to come off somebody’s machine… :slight_smile:

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hey…I have an idea that might give us some light at the end of the tunnel for delivery and time frames…
why not state your order number and then say if and when you got any or parts of your new toy.

Order # 8743
I have not received any shipping information yet

#8699 received boxes 1 & 3. Hope 2 comes next week.

8660, 1&3 frame and water table has arrived. And laptop stand.

#8724 proud owner of box 1 & 3

9739, batch 2, nothing… :slight_smile:

Order number 8675 boxes 1&3.

8420, #1 & #3 in my possession

Order number 8823 just got my water table today and got a notification that my frame will be here Tuesday.

I also think it was mentioned that if you are not in the US they are going to ship your stuff at one time to save on international shipping charges.

#8620 boxes 1 and 3 and laptop stand. Find myself checking several times a day for news on the rest of it. :grin:

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8462 box 1 and 3. Top rail and gantry rail damaged in shipment. Waiting to receive replacements.

Hmmm, maybe I better open box 1, packaging looked intact but without hardware I figured I would wait to open it.
I’m in group 2 of batch 1.

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wow…this might answer my question then…I live in Canada…so I guess they are waiting…

That makes it even more difficult to wait…

Mind you…it beats being teased with one part at a time


I’m sure with your number being that low you will get all your stuff before me. They are pretty serious about there order numbers. I’m sure watching everybody’s stuff show up is driving you nuts!

#8593 I have laptop stand , Plasma cutter and boxes 1 & 3, still waiting on THC and of course box 2. I haven’t opened anything waiting for at least box 2 so i can keep the pieces together and not lose anything. Looking forward to learning how to use it and get some return $$ on it…

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Pre-orde​:point_left::point_left::point_left::rofl:@ a discounted price!

Order #10441. Received all 3 boxes. Up and running. Just kidding!!

Looking forward to receiving it. Might arrive before Christmas