Crude looking, I know

Sooooo… is this proper? I have a pretty short air run. Can I run this whip hose right into the 3 stage dryer?

Thats how mine is set up. Used it on the regular Crossfire for over a Year and the Pro a few months. I have a 50 ft hose real after the dryer. I change the beads before each cutting session and no problems so far.

Thanks for this! I figured it would be alright, just good to have some reassurance. Do the beads get used up that fast? If I am cutting every day, I’m gonna need a big bag of beads :slightly_smiling_face:

I can cut hours on one changing. I use the compressor almost everyday for other things also. I got a gallon jug of beads and have atleast 3/4 of that unused. I just put them in the oven and dry them when I get a quart ziploc baggie of used. Just watch the color. If they start to fade colors its time to change. Your not wasting them by changing. Your just rotating your stock. Oh and i live in a rather humid area. Its almost 8 am and the humidity is %90 allready. And i acasionally walk by and crack the drains a sec to let out any water in the separaters and on bottom of compressor. an auto drain would be nice.

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I’m in Northern Michigan and it is 87% humidity right now. My garage is pretty well insulated and stays fairly cool even on hot days. So I’m hoping this will be enough of a proactive approach. I’m starting to feel like I over think a lot of things here. Good info on the beads. I really appreciate you taking some time to talk me through this, Man :metal:t2:

Your very welcome. Some over acheivers will disagree with what I said, But hey it works for me so thats what I do. :slight_smile: