CrossPro for sale

Brand new Crossfire Pro With laptop stand and THC never cut a piece of metal with, it is assembled, tested works , we decided to go a different route Asking $3200 located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Sorry no shipping pick up only

Damn I’m in buffalo and probably would have bought this if I hadn’t already ordered one :sob:

where in pa?im in nj princeton if its not too far i might be intrested

Frackville PA 17931

Is you pro still available? is there any issue if you registered the table with Langmuir and sell it -when it comes to customer service?

I’m in the Reading area.

I do believe the table is over a year old…which means no warranty from Langmuir…but that does not mean they will not support their product.

Yes still available, I don’t believe there are any issues selling it to someone else as for warranty I don’t know terms on length and if warranty is transferable of any remaining balance to new owner all you could do is ask customer service

When was your table purchased? or serial number? I’ll contact customer service for any issues.


right from the Crossfire Pro page under Pro FAQ


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It was purchased 5/28/20, order was delivered on 8/21/20