CrossFirePro expansion possiblities?

I’m sure at least a few other CFpro owners have thought about expanding the table size. I messaged LS to see if there was a kit in the works, but never got a response. Would it be as simple as longer drive screws, guide rails and water table? Or are the table limits in the FC software?

There are no size limits in Firecontrol. You can make the table as big as you want, but lead screws are limited by their tendency to whip/wobble when they get too long. Making it 4x4 should be no problem, but I’d switch the Y lead screws to 1/2-10, 5 start screws.


There have been some who have expanded the table.

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Thanks for the link! Enough info there to get some wheels turning.

Can the NEMA 23 motors work with the added weight of the Z Carriage?

I would read through the assembly instructions for XR and see how they did it.

The X looks to be a motor mounted on the carriage and a chain driven ball nut to run it back and forth, eliminating the whip ( I took a quick look ).

You could follow their lead, and try to duplicate it.