Crossfire XR HVAC fittings question

is there a program available. to install into the crossfire where i can cut out duct fittings?

there is nothimng you can install on the crossfire…you can load a program on your laptop to do duct work fitting and such…but then you will need to convert those files to a G-code file for the Crossfire to cut from…

the person I will ask for their input is @TinWhisperer …he is a sheet metal wizard and knows all about that stuff…

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@Jarett Welcome to the forum

Like @toolboy said Any program you get for HVAC duct is also going to need to be run through the post processor of firecontrol before being used.

I ve laid out fittings mostly by hand in Fusion and use a few random programs for pipe branch’s. If you find any inexpensive or free HVAC program please let me know.

Here is a link to a few fittings i’ve posted

I recently upgraded to a XR so I could build more fittings with and table, the pro was a little small for HVAC.