Crossfire XR delivery?

Hi guys I’m new here not sure if this has been asked or if this is the place to ask but here goes in have ordered the XR first batch was wondering if anyone pinpointed when to expect delivery

your order says it all…you will be notified when it is going out…I was on the original wait list for the Pro…so they get them out as fast as they can…


I can say, with absolute certainty, you will get it before July 12th.


I sure hope you’re right on that one lol

Surprised not much buzz on here. Anyone else get the email update on the XR?


What sizes are the 2 crates for the XR?

  • Crate 1: 32" x 54" x 42", 540lbs
  • Crate 2: 14.5" x 111" x 5.5", 235lbs

Can I finance the remainder of the machine?

You can absolutely finance the remaining balance of your CrossFire XR. We have partnered with Affirm to offer competitive rates and terms up to 72 months. Qualifying and payment plan options are available during the final checkout process. Please see for more about Affirm.

What is included?

CrossFire XR includes numerous accessories and add-ons standard:

  • LS-THC ATHC Module
  • Integrated Water Table
  • Limit Switches for Homing
  • MC4000 Mini-PC Windows 10 Machine Controller
  • 21.5" HD Touchscreen
  • XR Touchscreen Mount
  • Wireless Control Pendant
  • Industrial Leveling feet

Can I still purchase add-ons for my order?

You can purchase add-ons for your order during the Shipment Ready balance payment checkout. Full Assembly and Razorweld Plasma Cutters will be available during this process.

Is FireControl be available for download?

FireControl is currently available for download on our Downloads page; however, the core functionality will be unavailable unless your computer is plugged into the CrossFire XR Electronics Box. That said, the Fire Control User manual and THC user manual are currently available on our website so you can start reading through this manual to acclimate yourself with the software and its functionality.

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also I really hope current files working with PRO will be able to work on the XR.

well…if the XR is using firecontrol…and it is the same firecontrol as the pro…then I would expect it to run the same files…



Surprised not much buzz on here. Anyone else get the email update on the XR?

             Yea I got a teaser email the other day. Still patently waiting.

I’m trying to not think about it. October is still a ways out and I’m inpatient and excited to get it here!

Did limit and home switches get on it?

I’m in that mode for my new CNC router setup :slight_smile: It’s on a 10 week backorder :frowning: But I’ve got a new 43" monitor coming in next week so I can design easier (for the laser, plasma and the router). So I’ll just start racking up the designs while I wait. It’s been awhile since I did a lot of work in VCarve Pro so I have to get back in the groove with it.

What router?

Don’t worry about it. It’s not real, @jamesdhatch just does this to make us INSANELY jealous!

And it works… :unamused:

is it the dell 43" 4K? That’s what I’ve got instead of multiple monitors. I keep 4 windows open and lovenit

I’m jealous. I would have loved to get the XR. But they kept it secret till the announcement. My Pro was already on its way.
By the way your shop is awesome. Your planning and layout show your detailed thinking. Wait till your brooming 50 lbs of metal chips around the shiny new floors.

Haha, It’s been years of dreaming. Spent all winter drawing up layouts for machines that were on the list. It’s been really tough not jumping ahead or skip to the part where I get to play!

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Onefinity. It’s a replacement for the Shopbot Desktop. Much bigger work are but uses a router not a spindle & VFD. But I can add that. It’s 33x33 out of the box but the design will allow me to expand the X-axis pretty easily. It uses 50mm chromoly tubes with linear bearings so I’m planning to get longer tubes (it uses a pair for that axis) and a longer ball screw. Looking to get 4ft wide accessible so I think I’ll need to get 56" tubes & screw. But I want to get it setup and real measurements before I order the parts. After that I’ll look at a spindle & VFD (the controller will support one).

Yep :blush: I have two 27" monitors now. Looking forward to having some of my large designs on one contiguous space. And for regular work having multiple large windows will be great.

I have to do that for the workshop I’ll have in the new house. Finally finished (I think) the design so maybe this time next year I’ll be able to start building out the shop. Saw a Tormach 1100 for sale yesterday that I had to stop myself from buying - I know here it would go in the new workshop but no way to break it down into pieces small enough to squeeze into the space I have for storage now. :man_shrugging:

When can us “first” batch people expect to hear from someone about a delivery date? Last I knew it was Aug/Sept.

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Any “first batch” people not quite ready and want to switch with a second batcher? Lol

I have not heard anything since the July 6 email that basically said to get ready

Not to sure why we are more kept in the dark about this one compared to the other pre orders.