Crossfire XL w/THC not firing since day one

I have never been able to fire the torch with or without THC since I added the THC . I do however have voltage of 117 going into the module on my Everlast 52I cutter whenever I trigger the torch on/off switch.
Air pressure is set correctly hence the ability to turn torch on at torch switch. I have replaced the VIM module and main circuit board but have not replaced the chip. I had months ago asked Langmuir to send a replacement chip which I would gladly pay for since I’m in Canada but they only sent the VIM module and new board.

I have been away from this crossfire machine for about 6 months due to other things going on in my life.
I’m at a loss as how to proceed from here. Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated
thank you

If the torch fires from the trigger on the torch, but not from the computer, the problem is in the torch firing wire or the relay. The THC and VIM have nothing do to with firing the torch.

How is the torch firing wire connected to the plasma? Are you connected to pins 1 & 2 on the CNC port? That wire should be connected to pins 1&2 on the CNC port and then plugged into the “torch on/off” port on the control box that is on the table leg.

Maybe a dumb question but where do you have the torch clamped in the holder. Plunger inside must be able to move up and down . If it’s clamped to tight the plunger gets stuck and will not fire. Take off the shield cup and you should be able to push the electrode up and let it spring down.

I forgot to mention that Langmuir had also sent me a replacement relay which I also replaced. The pins 1 and 2 at the CNC port are connected to the control panels torch on/off and wires were checked for continuity.
The VIM module PV outlet is connected to the THC port on the control panel. and wires have continuity.
Big Daddy: I just checked on the torch mounting without trying. I am unable to connect my computer or trying to make it work as my computer is being used in the house. I could not push up the nozzle with my finger, the torch is mounted to the torch holder via the nozzle which was screwed on tight and the bracket was on tight to hold the torch in place.
I removed the torch and loosened the shield cup and remounted, now I can push up the nozzle.
I am unable to try it until the morning. Would this make any difference as it would always fire correctly by the torch trigger

Let me know tomorrow if it works. That was it I bet.

Unfortunately that made no difference. I still cannot get the torch to fire via the computer. It does fire only when I use the torch trigger itself.
After that I checked for continuity on the wires going into the main circuit board torch on/off connection from the CNC port and when I activate the torch trigger It closes the loop so that is sending the closure (closed circuit) to the

Do you have it setup for Raw voltage? What happens if you turn off the THC on the FireControl screen? Is the THC chip plugged in correctly.

I finally got it to fire the torch through the crossfire program. I removed the cover on the control panel turned off the plasma cutter and air so I could feel and hear the relay and to my surprise to find it activated in the test mode. so I turned on the plasma and the air and to my delight the torch fired up and cut a 4 inch line which I repeated a few time .
The relay was installed correctly and wasnt shaken loose, the only thing that comes to mind is the suggestion from Big Daddy about the adjustment on the shield cup which I had left a little loose in order to move up and down.
The forum was down all morning . Im now trying to find any data on the Langmuir site about torch plunger having to be movable.
Thanks so much to Big Daddy for that suggestion

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The electrode needing to be able to move is universal for all blowback style plasma torches. With everything assembled, the tip does not move, only the electrode inside moves.

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Tom, glad to hear that you are currently cutting up steel. Enjoy your day pal.


For advice on correct Machine Torch mounting.

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