Everlast Power Plasma 82i (two month review)

Oh yes it does! :rofl: :zap:

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Yeah, something in the system does… probably isn’t the UL or CE approved equipment, but, WTH, if it works… :unamused:


I agree. My Everlast 82i was a great purchase. I can also walkaway if I had to. It has worked flawlessly for me. Just hook up to raw voltage and your all set.

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That’s awesome you’re 82 I is working so great. I almost bought a 102 I instead of my hypertherm PowerMax 85.
I watched your video too that quarter inch cut looks amazing.
I remember watching a bunch of your videos back in the day when I was waiting for my machine to come in.

I’m a little bit of a hypertherm fanboy, I used to run a everlast 60s on my machine.

I want to give hypertherm a little bit of a fair shake and comparison here though.

Hypertherm powermax 85 CNC 4451.99

Everlast 82i CNC 1319.00

So $ 3132 difference.

But this might be an unpopular opinion but they’re not comparable. you’d be way better off comparing the everlast 82i to the hypertherm powermax 65.

Hypertherm powermax 65 CNC 3450

Everlast 82i CNC 1319.00

So $ 2131 difference.

If we’re comparing inches per minute from the everlast 82 I to the hypertherm 85.

The everlast you’re running at 100 inches per minute at 75 amps.

Depending on whether you’re doing production speeds or best quality speeds on the hypertherm you’d be running 130 to 160 in per minute but that’s at 85 amps.

So 13% more amps but 30 to 60% more speed.

If you decided to run that same machine at 65 amps it would do quarter inch at 90 IPM to 116IPM.
So at 13% less amps it will do pretty well at the same speed.
This kind of affirms that it’s more comparable to the PowerMax 65.

For the money you’re not going to get better than that everlast 82 I but saying it’s 5% difference to the hypertherm 85 is a big stretch. It’s more like 40% faster if you take into account the amperage difference but it is triple the money.

And thanks for producing those videos I enjoyed the new one from today and the ones you’ve done in the past.


Fair enough. You make a very strong logical argument. I 100% agree the Hypertherm is the king of Plasma. :slight_smile: For my dollar bills I will have to settle for a member of the royal family. lol

Originally I purchased the 82i because I was going to only run it at 65amps as the 82i is rated at 100% duty cycle at 65 amps. I turns out that I can do a ton of cutting at 75 to 77 amps without any thermal issues. The only reason I’m not maxed out at 85amps is I’m worried about the duty cycle.


I guess if you want and Everlast comparable to the Powermax 85 you could get the Everlast Power Plasma 102i CNC Pac for $1,807.00


Yes it is more comparable to the 85. it’s the reason I almost bought it instead of the PowerMax 85.

I’m definitely all for everlast, for the price point it’s hard to beat.


Hello, Happy to hear things are working for you. At your convenience can you please share how you wired the Everlast Power plasma 82i to the Crossfire PRO torch height control. I discovered that my Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter cannot we hooked up to the THC. Based on your success I am going to purchase a Everlast Power plasma 82i.
Thank you,

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I decided to make a video covering this question as I get asked this a lot. Here is a link to my YouTube video that explains the 82i wiring. :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/edYrl815Hlw


Thank you so much for your plasma specific review. I have the 102i and love it. I am very new to using the crossfire pro event though I have had it for 2 years. Probably have not cut 100" total :rofl:.

Do you have the cut settings written out that you are using? I have been cutting 1/2" at 68 amps and 15 IPM. Thats a far cry from 50 IPM.

Also, I purchased the mache torch from Everlast. When I first set it up it worked great. With subsequent program updates it is no longer firing. My hand torch works great. Kind of odd.

Anyway, thanks for your post!

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I’m just hooking up my XR with a 62i. Not getting torch fire out of fire control… Test fire turns on air out of plasma unit, but no plasma fire. I wired into cnc port with pins 1&2 for torch on /off. After reading up and watching the YouTube video above, I’m going to switch to raw voltage on 5&7. Using 50:1 div on pins 4&6 now.

Don’t get why it’s not firing though. Brand new unit, Machine torch… Any ideas from you guys?

Great you have it hooked up.

Sometime if the machine torch is mounted too high in the torch mount in can distort the torch
body so the plunger becomes stuck.

any on screen errors? Or everlast error msgs?

Raw voltage is definitely the way to go with everlast.


Raw voltage from inside the plasma cutter. Do not use pins 5&7 it doesn’t work well.

Machine torch mounting,


Mmm, good points. I am clamped a bit low. No error messages anywhere. Gonna change to pigtail raw voltage and move torch clamp…


Is your torch turned on or is it locked off?

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All good now. I had the clamp on the lower part of machine torch. Changed the THC leads to the PV and it’s all set. Loading up 55 gal. of plasma water now…


I’m looking at the 82i for my new Pro. What amperage breaker are you running with that. I’m putting in a new circuit for it so I want to make sure I don’t under-power it. Thanks.

I’m running a 50 amp breaker with 6 gauge wire


Same. Drop one of these into a double fixture box, run a 2+ground 6 guage wherever you want it.

Leviton 5374-S00 50 Amp, 250 Volt, Flush Mounting Receptacle, Straight Blade, Industrial Grade, Grounding, Black, 1-Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N8SKDY4/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_6WK8BR0HANNMC1WDV1SE?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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Actually, I probably should have phrased the question differently. I had just finished wiring the garage with a subpanel and, among others, a NEMA 6-50 outlet and 6/3 wire running to it. I appreciate both of you confirming I hadn’t screwed that up :slight_smile: