Crossfire x y axis moving extremely slow

Evening fellas,
I own the standard Crossfire.
So, to start, I create my work using Inkscape. I then open my svg file in Fusion 360, scale it, finish sketch, proceed to manufacture, create 2d file, create my tool path and once im satisfied I post process.

After all of the above, I open Mach 3, i load my .tap file (as I always do) and click start.

My problem is, after I click start, my torch moves to its starting point, fires, then just sits there and ever so slightly moves in extremely small increments.

I’ve tried changing usb cable. No changes.
I’ve tried closing and reopening Fusion and redoing all steps mentioned above. No changes.
I’ve tried closing/ reopening Mach 3. Also, loading and closing g code file in Mach 3.
I’ve also checked the set screws on both x and y axis and made sure they were tight.

While I’m in Mach 3,
I can jog both x and y axis, manually, with no issue.
The machine also moves to the starting point of my cut with no problem.
I can see and hear both stepper motors running.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what is going on.

I would appreciate any and all insight on what my issue might be.

Thank you all in advance. Brad.

I have the same issue the fusion post process isn’t putting in the initial feed rate that is set so it just goes to the default speed which mine is at 6ipm on mine.
For the last couple days I’ve just been changing the speed manually in mach3 before starting the cut.
I opened up the gcode in NCViewer to take a look whats happening and there is no feed rate in the code.

Not sure if this is just a bug from the update or its going to be like this from now on with the free version.

Wow. Thanks for the fast response. Im glad im not the only one. I was starting to lose my mind. My problem started on Friday evening (10-2-20).
I’m not 100% on navigating Mach 3. Can you please tell me how to check and change the cut speed in Mach3?

Just change the feedrate where the mouse is and it will cut at that rate.

The first time it happened to me was Saturday morning and i cant remember if I did anything on friday or not

I guess my mouse doesn’t show up in a screenshot lol but just change it in the box under feedrate

if you look at the 3rd line, it shows a message… I’m guessing it relates to the new modification autodesk made to fusion360 and personal use accounts.

here’a a write up Langmuir did a few days ago and towards the bottom, someone has a workaround.

I did see that already but that is for fire control not mach3. Probably all related but different issues.
This issue with mach 3 doesnt shut it down it just goes to default cut speed because it isn’t defined at the beginning.
You could definitely open the gcode that fusion processes edit it all to get feedrate in there and make it rapid between cuts again but that would take a lot of time and not really worth it

Roger that. I greatly appreciate the feedback. Thank you. I’ll try it out tomorrow and see if it corrects my issue and ill update.

Had a similar problem with Everlast 62i and firecontrol with fusion 360 . There was too much G-code . Turned on smoothing and dont have that problem anymore. I use smoothing regardless. Go figure.

I was talking to a autodesk guy today about this issue and after going through the issue with him this was his response.

Okay, I think I figured out the issue. You’re on a personal license, aren’t you?

There’s currently a bug with personal entitlements and feedrates. We’ve found some edge cases that didn’t get fully tested and it’s broken the feedrates for those users. We are working on a fix for this and hope to have it released soon.

I don’t think that is related but I’m not sure I don’t use firecontrol.
I’ve run programs through mach3 with 300000 lines of code and no issue at all but smoothing definitely eliminates a lot of code most times.

Hey fellas, I wanted to update y’all. My issue has been resolved. Sure enough, mach was setting the feed rate to 6ipm. I manually changed it and it worked. Thank you guys, again.

Its not mach3 that’s causing it though it just doesnt have the feedrate code so it just defaults to that 6ipm its in the gcode generated in fusion.

Fusion updated tonight and that issue has been fixed