Crossfire went wacko

Yesterday my crossfire went crazy on me. Was set to cut 80 ipm. After it started cutting it dropped to about 20 ipm with jerking motions on both Axis. Manual jogging seemed fine, smooth movements all directions. So after it hacked out that small project I gave it a good cleaning. Relubed it . Havnt tried it yet to see how it works. Anyone else had that issue? ( I cut out 10 projects before this happened yesterday.)

What plasma cutter are you using?

Using a viper 30i. Have cut out upwards of 100 projects . Nothing has changed in the shop. Plasma seemed to work fine. On/off when saposed to. never missed a beat. Hope to get to try it again in a few days. That thing called work is always in the way of my fun.

Did a couple dry runs on the table ( no plasma ) table is somewhat jerky on any curved cuts. ( way more than ever before ) Straight are smooth. This all started sat. Worked great for several months. Cleaning didnt change anything. Any chance it could be a power issue where when both motors are running its causing this? I will dig deeper as i can. But any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.

Hi Jim, would you mind sending a video to us via

Hi I think it sent. not that great of a vid but…

Hi wondering if you got the vid, Its not the best but you can see the jerking and slowing to almost a stop in it… I think , I can anyhow.

Hey Jim,

I just checked and we never got the video. Can you send it to us via facebook messenger?

will have wife try i dont have FB. Prob be later tonight so you should have tomorrow .

This type of behavior is indicative of losing a step. You may have done this already, but I’ll mention it. Disconnect and reconnect and try again. If still not working, may be a broken wire of the stepper.

I disconnected all the connections , plugged all back in checked for visable wire damage. deleted and reinstalled mach files.Going to try another pc with mach on it to make %100 sure not a software issue. Then going to check power supply output. If nothing wrong there drivers and motors perhaps. And thank you for the reply

Small update in case anyone is wondering. LS sent me a box with everything that is in the control box except power supply. Changed each peice one at a time. Everything in it is ok, changed nothing. Decided to start checking bearings. I have several rough ones on the torch carrier and on the other big peice. Has anyone replaced bearings in this peice? Looks like a pin punch and a hammer is needed to remove the bearings. Before I start that was asking first, rare i do that…but…

Thanks in advance. And I did change both motors also.

mine did the same thing, check y and x motor screw couplings the set screw get lose mine did it right as I finish setting it up after about 10 to 15 dry runs the set screw were lose on the y ax set so I put JB weld lock tight in the set screws working great but I call LG and they send me a new coupling

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did that mine were fine. have several bearings goin bad.

Hey Jim, shoot an email to and let them know what you need. Tell them that i authorized the warranty replacement of all of the bearing blocks and bearings.

Ok I did. Thank you, Hope that fixes it.

Ok hope u get it under control good luck, Ian just trying to get my first cut
Did a dry run and the Gcode stops in the middle of the code, well got to figure this one out now, ok take care.

Are you using the Demo version of Mach3? If so, it will only handle 500 lines of G-Code. Most projects will require more so you’ll want to buy the license for Mach3 and install it. Once you do that the G-Code will run all the way.

yes I am using the demo version, but this is my first drawing dry run don’t think I used 500 lines it ran for like about 4 letters and stop
if that’s the case then I will sale my table and cutter cause in tutorials it says nothing about buying the license for your first cut or to do a dry run, thx for your help pls let me know anything else

Depending on the letter geometry, its possible that more than 500 lines of code was needed to generate those four letters. For folks that are using the machine to cut out structural shapes (gussetts, shock mounts, tabs, etc) 500 lines is usually adequate. For folks cutting out signage and artwork (i.e. geometry that can require many thousands of lines of G code), you need the Mach3 license which is $175.

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