Crossfire pro space requirements

I just received notification of my Crossfire Pro being ready to ship. I will need to start rearranging some things in the shop for the new table. Does anyone have recommendations for the space needed around the unit to operate it effectively?
(edit) I do plan on adding casters to the table.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledgeable people here willing to share their experiences, ideas and knowledge.
I’m planning on approximately 5-1/2 feet by 7 feet area for the table itself. The extra perimeter space allows for ease of cleaning.
Of course you need some space for locating the plasma cutter if not underneath the table and also a laptop stand/platform to work at while making a run. My 2 cents.

My $0.02.

If you plan on loading sheets larger than the table and using a roller stand to hold the excess length, you need one side (feed side) with at least 6’ of clearance. At the control end min 3’ would be enough. The ends opposite of the control end and the feed side, I only have 2’ currently.

so, for us math nerds, does anyone know the actual spec HxWxD?

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I’m not looking for cut size, I saw that. What are the dimensions of the machine?

That information is in both the links I provided above.


Ack. Completely my fault, I didn’t see the image on my phone, which is where I was interacting on this thread. Apologies and thank you for the help.

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