Crossfire pro dimensions

As a newbie I am wondering, the Pro is an 4’x3’ ( cut area 33.3” x 48”) table, but the dimensions are 54”x69”. For a lot of us garage space is a premium, so why is the depth 21” longer (33.3” cut area vs 54.2” overall) then the cut depth. Just curious.

if you look at the picture of the Pro on the website…pictured below…you will see the table cut size is indicated…and if you look at the gantry travel rails they extend past the table in both directions and is wider to accommodate for the same reasons

There are three things that require Y space beyond the cutting area. They are:

  1. The Torch gantry hangs off to one side of the X rail, skewing the cutting point in the -Y direction by the thickness of the gantry and 1/2 the torch mount.
  2. The Y trucks are 10" long with almost 8" of that added to #1 above.
  3. The Rail Mounting Plates and Y Stepper adds about 7" on the +Y end and about 5" on the -Y end.

On the X axis you have the X truck, the X Rail mounts, 4" for the Legs, and an additional 4-5" of Control Electronics enclosure.

So, in keeping in harmony with the universe, TANSTAAFL. To move things, you need space for the movers.

Be happy that the resolution of the CF is fairly coarse. In my experience, the smaller and more accurate you try to make things, the larger the machine needed to make them. angstrom resolution machines takes acres of space!