Crossfire Pro, SheetCam Post Processor

I’ve downloaded the post processor and installed it in SheetCam. There is a notice to set Pierce Height, Plunge Rate and Cut Height. I’ve found settings for Pierce height and Cut Height. I’ve not seen any suggestions for Plunge Rate. I searched the post processor code for the 3 settings and have found what seems to be the spot to add “Pierce Height” (.015) and “Cut Height” (.060) nothing seems to point to the Plunge Rate. Any help would be appreciated.

Uh, in your tool settings, right between Pierce Height and Cut Height is this field called Plunge Rate.
Also, I think you want a Pierce Height of 0.150, definitely not 0.015

This is not in the Post Processor code, it is on the SheetCan tool settings.

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You will want the plunge rate fast. This is how fast it goes from pierce height to cutting height. I’m not at my laptop but I think I have mine set to around the 100” / min.

In my SheetCam post processor I have it set up to consume the pierce delay in the ‘plunge’ time where G4 Pddd is replaced by G1 Z(cutHeight) F((pierceHeight-cutHeight)/ddd)

That’s probably not possible with the CrossFire pro but it conveniently lowers the arc into the pierce and is at cut height when movement begins.

I believe there’s some instruction from Langmuir either here in the forum or in some doc that says the plunge rate should be at least 50"/min (or 60) - I don’t recall specifically - but I already had it at 60 so I haven’t had to mess with it.

Mine is set to 60, but I didn’t have a good rationale except that lower numbers flamed out on thin materials.