CrossFire Pro- Setup overview- Beginner Guide

Hi all
I went through the initiation of getting myself a CrossFire Pro, got things set up pretty well now, and made a video where I go over my setup and some tips and tricks.
I go over things I purchased that actually worked well for me and hopefully will make your life easier too.


Welcome to the Forum…glad to have you along for the ride.

if you go through the forum you will see lots of things people have done also.

this is a cool video…but as I mentioned to you in FaceBook…people need to be aware that adding wheels to the legs of a table can and most likely will push the table out of square if moved around on the wheels enough.

as also mentioned building a rolling platform with adjustable leveling legs better supports the table and even raises the table to a more comfortable working height.

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@Akmetaldesigns Welcome to The forum.

Looks like you’re well on the way with your Langmuir set up.

Nice Yost vice I just happen to pick one up at the second hand store yesterday.

A nice #3 for 150 bucks Canadian.


I have a few Vices…but most are not good for my health apparently…lol…


Welcome to the forum.

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