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Thank you all in advance… Is there any videos you know of that show how to hook up an Everlast 82i plasma cutter to the pro? ive seen it done so many ways i wanna puke. And why cant you just get the plug and play cable or can you? i have had this plasma table 2 and a half mouths and still trying to get it together. The torch height control seems to be way more difficult than should be. im about ready to sell out lol. Thanks again, Chris

There are tons of threads on here on how to hook up plasma cutters with their tables especially popular machines like the Everlast.

You have two methods of connecting most plasma cutters as far as voltage goes - divided or raw.

Some machines have a port designated for CNC use, does yours have one or not? If so, just refer to your owner’s manual as the information is in your hands.

If it does not have a port designated for CNC use, I would look up (either in Google or on the forum) about the easiest way of removing your enclosure and tapping to the correct lugs for running raw voltage. The work clamp lug is your (+) and the torch lug will be your (-).

Aside from that, you’ll just need to look up how to run torch ON/OFF (not polarity specific) and again that’s if your machine does not have a CNC port.

Super simple!

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I think with the Everlast you have to hook it up to the RAW voltage? Something with the voltage divider?

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No experience myself with Everlast which is where I hoped the author would just do a quick search.

Can say that PrimeWeld was removed from the supported list; guessing it’s because of their desire to create voltage spikes and killing the circuit in the VIM.

Does the Everlast have the same issue? Or do they just lack 50:1 output?

There are pictures in this thread. Pictures of RAW Voltage wiring on Everlast 52I

It’s not that difficult. Connect the torch on off cable to pins 1&2 on the CNC port on the back of the plasma. That cable gets plugged into the torch on/off port on the electronics enclosure.

Remove the cover from the plasma and connect the raw voltage cables to the lugs behind the torch and work clamp connections. Red wire goes to the work clamp side and the black goes to the torch side. I used ring connectors crimped to the end of the wires and cut the torch side connector into a U to avoid having to remove the air line.

Those wires get plugged into the color matched ports on the face of the VIM box. Then a cable goes from the PV out port on the VIM to the THC port on the electronics enclosure.


thank you all I’ll give it a try