CrossFire PRO Production Update 10/8/19

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to start this closed forum group to provide periodic production updates to all CrossFire PRO Batch 1 and 2 members. We had a successful launch of the CrossFire PRO and we at Langmuir Systems are deeply grateful for all the support that we’ve received from our pre-order customers.

We’re excited to announce that mass production of the CrossFire PRO is firing on all cylinders both in-house and at our various suppliers. We remain confidant that we will be able to meet our advertised shipping schedules for both Batch 1 and 2 units.

We’ve received a lot of questions about the new CrossFire PRO, specifically about the automatic Torch Height Controller (THC). In working with our THC manufacturing partner, we’ve developed a customized THC unit that integrates seamlessly with the CrossFire PRO and offers several additional features compared to other 3rd party manufacturers. As always, our goal at Langmuir Systems is to get our customers up and cutting as smoothly as possible and we plan to offer a complete operating guide for the THC to ensure successful cutting each time. Stay tuned here later this week as we plan to release more cutting footage!

We think this closed forum group will be a good place for customers to ask questions ahead of receiving their machines so please feel free to participate. Below are some pictures of our in-house production efforts for the CrossFire PRO thus far!


Well, looks good so far!

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Exciting!! Currently on schedule for batch 1 ship in January 2020?

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So far we are looking really good for January.


:metal::+1::beers: Exciting Times, looks great

I recall the mention of a CNC router add on down the road. Is that still in the works?

Its not currently in the works since we are occupied with making sure that we get the base machine out to customers on time. But we definitely want to do it at some point! The kit will likely come with an entirely new Z axis assembly that is more rigid for routing.


Is it possible to be sooner than Jan?

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At this time i’m going to say that its not likely.

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Great work and thanks for the update!

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Looking forward to this addition to make room in the shop and get rid of the cnc router unit. Go lucky and waited long enough for this unit.

thanks for the update

Awesome love this idea for closed group and the support you are providing! That support is the reason i choose langmuir vs other manufacturers i could have gone with. Keep up the good work boys!


Great idea. If there’s anything you wouldn’t want to slip in an open forum post let us know.

Or we could take the Fight Club approach - anything in Closed Pro Group stays in Closed Pro Group :slightly_smiling_face:


Going to be a + with THC

Thank you so much for the update. Will we be able to upload our own dxf files to the mach3 software?

I have a question as it relates to the software Fusion 360 it’s free to any hobbyists for a year. The thought was that to download the software ahead of the release to learn but I want to make sure that it is still free after the first year. Anyone have any thoughts on this…?

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Fusion360 remains free for hobbyists. After a year you just need to renew again for free.

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I didnt order my machine with THC, because I was under the impression it only did it at the beginning of every part, not the beginning of every cut. Am I wrong?
Also, can I add it to my order now?

Excited to get my hands on the crossfire, been watching tons of videos on the 1st model. Any recommendations on air compressor? Was curious what size to buy and if you think any certain brand works better than others.