Crossfire Pro Primeweld Cut 60

Hi All

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the tips I have received on here prior to receiving my pro three weeks ago and share my story for others.

I have the Crossfire Pro and the Primeweld cut 60 and was nervous prior to assembly from some of the stories I have read. Here is the fantastic news!! From the start I did the cable chain mod to keep the stepper motor and THC wires separate from the Torch. I also used rubber isolation blocks to mount the controller to the table leg.

I have cut 3 different projects and never had an issue at all right from the get go it has been an amazing experience.

I hope this helps someone out there.



Very well done. Now get the controller off the table and the plasma cutter out from under the table and on a shelf above the table


Thanks for the comment could you please expand on the two items. I see most plasma cutters under the table what’s the downside? Second do you suggest moving the controller for splash reasons, where do you guys suggest with the short cables?

You do as you please, but water and electric don’t mix well. So a 240 volt power supply under a table full of water is not a good thing. You can always make the wires longer. Did you ever wander what it would be like to stand in some water and have a 240 volt electric line short out? The odds are you would be dead before the breaker tripped.

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dang…that is what it was…and I thought it was a bulb burning out…it explains a lot…

Okay well thanks for stating the obvious I am an electrician and understand electricity and water don’t mix, and don’t plan on pouring it into the plasma cutter plug however your point is valid. I don’t plan on leaving the cord and plasma where water can get at it. I thought there may be another reason as well. You mentioned moving the controller again I see most on the side do you recommend moving it for water as well as this does seem to be a risky location.


Water is part of moving the controller. It would be a lot safer say on a cart away from all the other electronics and plasma cutter.

These are only suggestions. As I like to see things as safe as possible for the operator as well as the electronics.

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Thanks I appreciate the comments and these are good things to discuss I have seen a few plasmas mounted on the wall but most seem to be under the table which as you point out not ideal, I must admit I have not seen any of the controllers moved off of the table but to your point will most likely be my next mod along with under table water tank for draining the table.

Thanks again

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Looks great, you did a nice job!

Were you able to wire the Cut 60 solely using the CNC connector or did you have to tap the raw voltage inside the cutter chassis?

I was able to use the CNC port a guy on Youtube (AM Customs) did a step by step video for the cut 60 and it was super helpful.

Are you talking about this AM Custom’s video, Primeweld Cut 60 on A ( Langmuir Systems Crossfire PRO.. ) - YouTube ?

AM Custom’s video is great, make sure and read his Attention comment about the Divided Voltage Input Pigtail Cable and make sure the Red wire goes to Pin 4 and the Black wire goes to Pin 6. I believe getting this wrong is were some people cause their systems not to work correctly.

Yes I noticed the important fact of getting the two wires correct in the langmuir manual and then went and checked. I actually had to reverse the wires luckily I had not tried the system yet.

nice to see the primeweld work…ya the cutter is ixna under the table…the rubber mounts for control box nice…moving it off the table a bit of recable headache… but ya, nice to see the primeweld work for someone

yeah i called him out on that when i first saw that video, that’s why he added the ATTENTION comment. Everyone wants to be a youtuber for likes and comments but they need to make sure they do shit right…

@DaveP another reason to move the cutter from under the table is to put it as far away from the control box as possible to avoid electrical interference. sure it’s working fine now but you might get some random freezing from firecontrol or other odd stuff going on and it could be from the cutter being to close to the control box. I recommend putting it on the outside opposite of the control box. you can get 10’ male/female extensions from amazon to extend the cables.

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On wall no chance of water spray and no electrical interference… No hiccups.

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What would you charge for a address sign like that

I must admit I am still working on what to charge. I made this for the neighbor for free as advertising and did the powder coating myself. I know it should be based off of the metal cost the inches cut with plasma and a time component just not sure where that will land.