CrossFire Pro Moving and potentially selling

I am in the middle of working on a job transfer and debating whether to sell my CrossFire Pro (brand new never used assembled) and also my Original CrossFire so that I won’t have to deal with having to move them all the way across the country.
If I’m able to recover from any big losses then I’ll move forward selling, I’m just putting feelers out there to see what the markets bares.

Where are you located and what are you asking?

I am in central California, and am posting to see what the market for this unit that is set up with all the extra’s is worth. Once I get some input from others as to what the value is that will help in determining what to sell it for. This forum has a great group of people on it and lot’s of knowledge, that’s why I’m asking for the value help.

Beautiful setup. How have you not even tried it out after all that customizing effort. What is the story on the bearing bracket for the plasma head cable? Did you build the custom base yourself?

I have another crossfire original that I have been using to do some small work, and I really haven’t had to use the Pro. Work got real busy also, and I have a few more modifications that I started on for the Pro unit and will get them finished up in the next few weeks.
Yes that is a custom swivel dual bearing system I fabricated and put on the cable hanger tube assembly. It’s as smooth as glass when the cutter heads moves across the Z and X axis.