Crossfire Pro messing up after 80% complete

Trying to help a friend troubleshoot why his new Crossfire Pro will complete 80% of a project, then either start messing up with jagged paths where it should be smooth, or completely mess up where the x/y position is cutting. Each time it’s run, it messes up in a different spot, so I’m confident the outputted gcode file is valid. So I’m wondering if it has something to do with the feed rate or if something mechanical is wrong. I can do a simulation in Fusion360, don’t see any errors or warnings, and also can do a successful dry run in Fire Control.

I’ve attached a link to my Fusion360 file and a couple photos of what it’s doing.
DeerBuckPanel v4.f3d

well…if it messes up at a different place each time…you better check the couplings first.
put a mark with a sharpie on the shafts of both the motor and the drive screw…see if something slips.

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Any time the machine loses its X-Y positioning during a program, it is most likely due to loose motor/leadscrew couplings.

Thanks. The couplings will be the next thing we check then.

I upgraded my X axis to a custom coupling, the one provided just stripped and always slipped. I have another PRO I just setup and I got better couplings for all the axis. I personally grind a little flat on the motor shafts and or you can drill a little divot in them. Basically something to get the screw to bite on. Id bring the machine all the way to the end till it bottoms out, make sure both sides are even bf you tighten couplings up. Basically you don’t want to be off 1/4" on one side vs the other.

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do you have a link of where you got better couplings?

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There’s a neat feature here on the forum up next to the magnifying glass. You can search for something like “coupling” and see what other people have done.

@directioneast found some from Ruland and you can check them out on this thread:

And you call yourself the Searchmaster :stuck_out_tongue::wink::laughing: LMAO here.

yes…I deserve that…
that was well deserved…I respect you for throwing me under the bus…in such a delicate way…


Although, the Ruland ones do look cool. I’ve not had a problem with the stock ones but I’d order a set of those if I did.

At the end of that thread, there seems to be some question about the ruland couplers. Has there been any consensus in the meantime? How many couplers do I need (I haven’t got the machine yet)? They are definitely cheaper than the 2 piece couplers from McMaster-Carr, but are they really the “fix”?

@directioneast would know. He should see this flagged to him and pop in for an update.

I still have the orriginal couplers and they still work great…I was looking at alternates…as things do wear out