Crossfire Pro Maintenance

I’m fairly new to the Crossfire Pro. I’ve had it for about three months. I’m wondering what kind of maintenance I need to be doing. Is there anything I need to keep oiled? What areas need extra attention? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

at the end of every day I wipe down the rails.
I sometimes wax the rails with a fine water repellant…
I oil the bearings with sewing machine oil weekly.
clean and check the drive screws and lightly oil the plastic dive nut…

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Thank you, Toolboy. I paid too much for this system to just neglect it!

I also use additive in the water and drain it every night …

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Good idea on the wax!

I do pretty much what toolboy does. I blow off everything with air before the clean up, And I cover the table with a UTV cover to keep it clean . Because I do other mess making activities in the shop.

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OK…ok…ok…I sing it to sleep at night before I turn off the lights…just do not take my “Man Card” away for admitting what I do…

Hi toolboy,

I just got a crossfire pro and I have yet to run it. Could you recommend an affordable additive that has worked for you? I was going to try a few tablespoons of sodium nitrite + water.

I’d also love to know what brand of water repellant/oil you use!


there are a lot of home made ideas…but I have alsways used greencut or sterling cool…and so far I prefer sterling cool

I use wd40 and 5 in 1 oil have had no issues. I clean machine twice a week and make sure to blow ihc off with shop air and spray wd40 on it.

( IHS ) sorry just realized my mistake