Crossfire Pro 1 on 1 training

I am looking to hire someone that is interested in 1 on 1 training! I am located in Fort Walton Beach, FL, if not local to come to the shop. I am open to zoom or FaceTime trianing. The machine is setup and ran all the dry run tests and worked perfectly. I am ready to cut but the software has me stumped and or troubleshooting issues that might come up.
I myself learn the best with hands on and really don’t have the time to read back and forth forum comments!

Thanks in advance
I can be reached at
Eight five zero six nine nine one zero two eight

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I don’t see any comments. Did anyone text you yet? Your phone is probably blowing up…

Not one call! :man_shrugging:t3:

Maybe people think I am joking! I spent this money on a machine so no jokes here! Lol

ok so i have had issues to and im learning every day
ill pm you my phone number.
and i can help you a little but i cant drive to your place , im litterally on the other side
your are South East, and im North West (washington not alaska)
but I honestly just started making good cuts after i bought my machine last october (2021)

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I have done this in the past. I had several people cutting a test file in an hour. Stopped two or three people from putting buckshot into their control box.

Despite how amazingly well @TinWhisperer does things, some people need to be able to ask questions live and just pick a brain.

I’m happy to help you, but I don’t use fusion at all. I use a graphic design software called Affinity designer and sheet cam.

Send me a message if you’re interested. I charge $50 an hour. I can give you a stem to stern rundown of how to make this all work. Air supply, cutter, consumables, table maintenance, etc.


You might look at area technical schools/colleges for course listings. Not necessarily to sign up, but to see if one of the teachers might want a Saturday gig giving you some private lessons.


I wasn’t joking