Cross Fire triggers torch all the time, no response from tech support!

Hi all, I have had my CrossFire for about 5 months and am just now getting to use it. Everything seams to be working except the trigger/ fire control. The torch relay is clicking on as soon as I power up the table with no cutter plugged in. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

a little confused unless I am reading your post wrong…
you have no torch plugged in to the control box…but the torch relay is clicking when you power up the machine…but the trigger / fire control is not working…is confusing…

how did you reach out to Langmuir to state you have had no response from them?..

For anyone to help you have to provide some details please.

Crossfire…crossfire Pro…
With or without THC…
Plasma cutter you are using…
laptop or PC…

I called the support line and did not get a call or email back.
So I followed all the set up instruction. I then designed a part on Autodesk Fusion 360. Completed the program and uploaded it to FireControl. I made all the plug ins form the laptop to the table and did a dry run. Everything went well until I actually went to cut. The torch fired immediately and did not turn off until I unplugged the trigger control from the cutter. I did some forum searching and saw the post about the relay. So I tested it and it works fine.

You still haven’t said what plasma cutter you have or if the table is the PRO… You have to have the plasma cutter set to 2T. Also you need to check the cable from the plasma cutter to the controller and make sure it is not shorted and hooked up right.

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in order for us to help and guide you through your problems you need to read and provide information we ask…

What plasma machine are you using?
What table do you have…regular or the Pro?

Also…if you read the support /contact page at Langmuir…they clearly indicate for support use the email…

Sorry. I actually did email the tech support. So I have a Titanium 45 from HF. It is a 2T only machine. The table is a standard CrossFire. The torch relay clicks on as soon as I power it up. The relay clicks on even if all the cables from/to cutter and laptop are disconnected

That can only be one of two things:

  1. a short in the wiring to the relay, or, more probably,
  2. A bad controller board.

FWIW, you can get a functionally equivalent board from multiple sources (search on “Mach3 USB 100KHz controller”) but you may have to rewire the connectors as they won’t be the same connector type as the original. I suspect @langmuirsystems has replacement boards available.

My trigger relay locked up on mine. showed as closed even when the power was off on the cross fire. I Langmuir support said they would send me a new one but it was faster to order one on line. $3-$10 plus shipping. Langmuir support did send good test to perform through emails.

he has a gen 2 board which you can only get thru langmuir since it’s proprietary. should be under warranty though if it is the board. sounds like a bad relay to me though.

@glenmeyers9 If you have a digital multi-meter handy, can you remove the Relay from the white board and locate the component on this board labeled R61 that would have been under this relay. Check the resistance across this. What are you getting?

Hey Glen,
I have the same deal with the same plasma cutter. Did you ever get this resolved?