Critique my drain setup idea

So I wanted to share my plan and get feedback, especially from people who have been running their mr1 already. The more thoughts I get before pouring concrete the better. My machine should be arriving 2/10.

So rather than the corner drains and the Langmuir coolant system I am planning to run this single drain in the rear center of the machine.

The plan is to run 2” welded straight down through the tray and through a large removable fine stainless mesh basket to collect chips and that drips into a basin. The idea being that after wash down you can let everything drain and the next day preferably you can remove and dispose of the chip basket. Assuming you can wait a day this let’s all the coolant drain from them. In the pickup of the basin I’ll use a stainless 12” filter tube similar to what you’d use in a brewing setup just as a last defense for the pump.

This is the pump. Really great quality for the price and should be able to handle stray chips. I’ll also be putting an anti drain back fitting on the output.

The pickup strainer

Other than that I plan on adding a wash down hose and a standard flexihose nozzle.

Mostly I’m looking for thoughts on the drain. Wanting to have to hand scoop out chips as little as possible. Like we say in racing, hot laps pays zero to win. Cleaning the machine doesn’t make parts. The more efficiently I can clean off the vises the better.

drain is wider than id think would make sense, but will work, going under the machine to scoop chips can be a pain in the ass unless you have rear access to the machine. I dont know if that pump will have enough juice to run a hose well, but sounds like you have one on hand.

People make this alot harder than it needs to be. You are on the right track. Im doing something similar but making my drains with larger drop through. Like you said drop the drain through the bottom over a sump but still high enough to pull the sump out. put the sump on wheels. The sump needs 2 parts. The main where all the chips and coolant fall into with a removable basket. To clear the chips. The second chamber in the sump . For instance a rectangle sump with a divider in the middle. Toward the top of the sumps on the divider wall put a hole for the coolant to flow into the second sump. Can put a screen there to if you like. . The chips will fall out of suspension in the first sump and the coolant will be transfered into the holding sump to be pumped. Long enough hoses to roll the sump from under the machine again key in having the drain tube stop just above the sump. Lift the basket out dump it put it back in and roll back under the machine oh yah need enough volume in the sump and the hole low enouggh from the top that the amount of coolant flowing on the machine. That the coolant is still flowing between sumps.