Creative Table Bases? Multiple Table Frames, Rolling Carts, Storage, Etc?

Hello Hello Langmuir Forum!

I am heavily considering adding a trio of Arc Flat tables to my workshop (for a 3’x6’ finished size). As Langmuir has typically done some promotion on Black Friday, I’m starting to do my research now, so that I can confidently purchase (or not) if there is a good deal at the end of the month.

YouTube is FULL of some inspiring “Fabrication Table” builds, but it is surprisingly absent anything “custom” centering around the Arc Flat (or multiple Arc Flats). Has anyone on here built anything cool?

I haven’t been very impressed by what I have seen of Langmuir’s leg kits, and I definitely want this thing to be on heavy casters with built-in levelers. I would also like some under storage, but still need room for my TIG pedal too.

Also, what is the most economical way to true up multiple tables together? I know some have mentioned clamping angle iron across the table surfaces. I don’t have any large sections of angle on hand, but I will be purchasing quite a bit of 2x2” 0.120” or 3/16” wall for my table base, so perhaps that material will be sufficient for clamping the table tops together, on their sides before I build the base? Or perhaps I should buy a big piece of angle just for this purpose? Any other ideas?

Anyway, inadvertently my Langmuir Systems content on my YouTube channel has been some of my most viewed (~20k views), so I will probably document this build if I do end up going this way, and I suppose I’ll update this thread if/when I do.

I guess I’d be remiss to not mention that some of you will remember me from my months long and nearly 1,000 post SAGA about a Crossfire Pro that would freeze up Fire Control and crash my torch. As Langmuir locked that thread (and I was just plain exhausted), I didn’t really “follow up”, but either the new box or the new THC fixed the freezing, and I haven’t had an issue since. Langmuir was going to get back to me after they tested my returned equipment (and hopefully identified the issue), but I never did hear back…

I wish I could say that I’ve been using the Langmuir Table like crazy. I’ve cranked out some cool signs and some parts, but truth be told I’ve been bogged down with sort of “general mechanical” work lately. Regardless, I’m funneling any profit I make back into the fabrication equipment in my shop, and hope to someday get more “creative” work that will let me use these great tools more.

Anyway, thanks to @ChelanJim, @Wsidr1, @rat196426, and others for messaging/tagging me “and “making my ears burn”. Hope everyone has been well.


Good to hear from you. Sometimes, “no news is good news.” In your case, that seems to be the “Casey!!” Get it?! :rofl: :crazy_face:

@TinWhisperer has started another contest: 🎄 Christmas 2023 Sheet Metal Art and Display Extravaganza!
If you get some time, you could dip your toe into it. Tin is asking for designs…not necessarily builds. Just for fun and does not cost you any metal.

@Bigdaddy2166 is making lots of things with his milling machine and has captured “ToolBoy” into his computer.

When you were having your issues, EMI seemed to be the large recurring thought/cloud with many problems. Now the words “limit switches” come up a lot: not near as devastating.

Lots of grumbling about all of the Fusion 360 updates (but the updates usually become positives…from what I have found.) SheetCAM continues to reveal secret treasures to being an outstanding one-trick pony as it excels at what it does.

Outside of that, everyone seems to be getting along and are well, so to speak. :sweat_smile: :grimacing: :disguised_face: :hot_face: :innocent: Write again when you have time to give us chapters of your story: You legend, you!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! It seems you have a good start to it.


Good to hear from you! I have been following your YouTube. Enjoyed your video of your trip to Europe for the D-Day anniversary. I was born on a military base in Germany… have always wanted to go back but haven’t made it yet. Your short of Baron’s Revenge and Six Cats last takeoff was chilling. We had a local pilot die in a crash while testing in preparation for the last lap at Reno. Look forward to seeing what you create with your new fab table whichever direction you decide to go. Langmuir just had a sale on their arc flat tables a month or so ago. @toolboy and @mg6studios have both recently assembled them and may have some advice. I think both of them used the standard leg kit… so not what you are looking for on custom leg ideas.


I would think a long straight edge would be much closer then angle iron or maybe 6’ level of good quality like a Stabila. Just depends on good you need or want it.
Before I bought a piece of angle iron just to match the tables up I would look for a used machinist straight edge, then sell it when done, or maybe rent one if you have someone local.


That’s just about the best update a guy could hope for Jim. And I appreciate it, because I have wondered about you guys often. I have been on a LOT of forums over the years, and with the exception of maybe “The HAMB”, this one has felt the most “familial” of them all.

Anyway, I am doing a sort of generic sign that my Mom requested, and I’ll be making a few of them for Christmas this year, so I’ll have to check out Tin’s contest.

Another interesting tidbit is that I am working with our local high school on trying to get a “shop” program off the ground, and one of the pieces of equipment they have is a Langmuir XR table, so if this all comes together, I will be teaching the students how to run it. I’m also trying to convince them to buy an Arcflat table (or several), but figured I should maybe get my own hands on one first.

And that’s about all I know. I really appreciate the update and it’s great to hear from you!


Thanks Erik!

Yeah, that crash was just really upsetting. Talk about a sad ending to an incredible event. I was standing next to Nick Macy’s kid (Six Cat) during the race, and they took off back to the pits right after the flag because they were very excited for his second place finish. We saw the big plume of dirt and smoke when he went in a few minutes later. Very surreal.

Thanks Knick, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that. I want it as good as I can get it.

The MO seems to be clamping angle iron (2 pieces each on top and sides) and bolting the tables together, and I agree that introduces plenty of opportunity for error, but the weight is significant enough that you need something robust. Three table tops are ~500 lbs…

Once you had the three slabs up on their supporting structure you could maybe fine tune the fit up with a straight edge and a couple of floor jacks!? I dunno. I’m having a hell of a time wrapping my head around it, to be honest. And so far I haven’t seen anybody go more in depth than clamping angle iron or tubing to table surfaces…

The video attached to your original post shows you have an even bigger problem than the cutting issues you’ve solved: YOUR TRACTOR IS GREEN INSTEAD OF ORANGE!


Glad to hear all is well.


Tractor is green but the hair is “orange” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Orange is Case? :joy: The John Deere isn’t mine, but I’ve got my eye on a Ford 8N, so the tractor will actually kind of match the Langmuir table. :blush:


A ford 8n was the first tractor I drove when I was a kid. Man, those things have been around FOREVER. I think ours was built in the 40s. I was just out at my dad’s pasture this morning looking to resurrect his old sickle bar mower to use at our new property to mow the fence line and ditches. It is at least as old as the 8n. The “dog bone” link is missing. was looking to see if I could make a custom one as this thing is older than methuselah… and probably hasn’t been used since Noah roamed the earth.


I think Allis Chalmers are orange. :wink:


Anybody else eagerly awaiting a Black Friday deal on an ArcFlat table? :laughing:

I’m still debating between 2 or 3 tables for a 3x4 or a 3x6 respectively. Looking at my Crossfire Pro in the space next to where this table will go, it’s basically 3x4’ and that’s a good size. The 3x6 would feel pretty cramped, when I’ve got 3 or 4 cars in the shop, but it would give me more versatility.



I just got the Langmuir Black Friday sale email. Sorry to say the ArcFlat is not on it.
I am glad your shop has worked out, and I enjoyed the tractor pictures.


Yeah, I saw that. I guess the good news is I don’t need to spend the money right now, @Bigdaddy2166. Christmas sale, @langmuirsystems!? :laughing:


So, just for anybody reading along, I tried the old “put it in the shopping cart and then leave the site” trick, and I got an email a few hours later offering me (up to) two leg kits free with my purchase. Unlike when I purchased my Crossfire Pro, there’s no expiration time on the free leg offer. Since I wasn’t planning on using Langmuir’s legs, this doesn’t quite move the needle for me, but it was enough to make me stop and consider for a moment…

I was hoping for free shipping and/or free clamps, a la @toolboy’s deal that he scored in October.

I’m thinking I should probably just hold my horses, and see if anything better comes along, but I’m open to being influenced…

I hope everybody had a nice Turkey Day. I’m very thankful I got to spend it with family. My folks did something right, because we all get along pretty well. :blush:


I was also looking to expand my table this weekend but will get on the sale hope boat myself.

I used my MR1 to machine some plates that would bolt up to the table and fit right into 4” sq tubing legs. I did go back and remove the material from the plates for the holes around the mounting bolts and center hole. I didn’t finish the frame below the table yet as I was hoping to expand. I also used the casters in the link below. They work really well. I also made a plate that made it simple to install the legs using a cherry picker.


Thanks for the info on those casters and plates. I know a lot of you think I’m too impulsive, but I ended up going a different route (and saved a couple hundred bucks on BF too). I won’t post anymore about it here, because this is Langmuir’s forum, and they’ve ultimately done pretty good by me as a customer, but those of you who follow me on YouTube, I’ll be doing a full review shortly, and explain that last sentence in more detail in the process. :laughing:

Thanks for the back and forth! I’ve missed you guys!


They’re not against posting about alternative suppliers, vendors or solutions. They’re pretty open about trying to support the community’s needs and if their stuff doesn’t cut it for some reason, they’re happy to see folks share what does. I think it also helps their R&D because they can see where their solutions fall short and need some extra attention - even if it’s something that relates to their pricing.


We miss you too, Casey. Keep posting. Every time I see a post from you, I smile.
I believe that you still own the record for the longest post. By the way, you missed Thanksgiving in Chattanooga this year.