🎄 Christmas 2023 Sheet Metal Art and Display Extravaganza!

Christmas 2023 Sheet Metal Art and Display Extravaganza! :christmas_tree::art:

I had ChatGPT rewrite my yard tool contest from earlier this year as a Christmas design “contest” It did such a over the top job I thought I’d post it as is with a couple detail changes. :joy:

Get ready to jingle all the way with your creative spirit! We’re thrilled to announce our Christmas 2023 Sheet Metal Art and Display Extravaganza, where the holiday magic comes to life in sheet metal creations.

Here’s how this festive spectacle unfolds:

:gift: Craft your very own sheet metal masterpieces, inspired by the enchanting holiday season. Your designs can be holiday-themed sheet metal art or stunning displays, all made using your choice of materials.

:gift: Whether you’re creating brand-new designs or adding a sprinkle of Christmas magic to existing ones, don’t hold back! Multiple entries are welcome.

:gift: Showcase your yuletide creations by uploading project files to our FireShare website, and don’t forget to share a jolly description of your project. Alternatively, display your festive metal masterpieces in the comments section of this post.

:gift: Bring holiday joy to your fellow participants by giving thumbs up to their entries and offering warm, holiday-themed feedback.

:christmas_tree: This spectacular contest will light up your holiday season, running until Christmas Day.

:christmas_tree: While there won’t be any official awards, the real gift is the wealth of inspiration and holiday spirit we can all gather from each other’s sheet metal artistry.

If you decide to turn any of these dazzling designs into festive decorations, please capture the magic with photos of your final displays and share them with the community. We can’t wait to see your holiday artistry in action!

Remember, the focus here is on sheet metal art and displays with a Christmas twist. Let your creativity flow as you use materials and techniques that capture the essence of the holiday season.

Should you have any questions or suggestions to make this festive season even brighter, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section.

Let’s make this contest a heartwarming and artistic journey for all, as we deck the halls with sheet metal wonder!" :santa::tada::star2:


Count me in….


We all counted you in. We are expecting the “12 days of Christmas” ala Don! :slightly_smiling_face:


In his case it might be “One Dazed at Christmas!” :rofl:


To help chronicle the increase of choices on FireShare, I thought I would give a spattering of current images/entries in FireShare for “Christmas”

Edit: Will add more images if I find that I missed a few. One entry did not have an image that was shared.


I remember someone on the forum having a really cool bad or angry Santa design. Hopefully they post it so others can cut.

Now that’s funny!!! :rofl:

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I am going to start by designing a nativity scene light box repurposing the Halloween light box I recently made . I’ll live stream the process at 4:10 am +/- pst today.

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Going to tweak this one a little before I post it .

maybe change the angel stand off to the sides of the light box?
Any other suggestions ?


Today we’ll live stream making some metal snow gauges. You see these online everywhere these days.

They want them at the gallery and the Market so lets make that happen.

Live stream at 405am pst , no narration just music but may pipe up time to time.

Live Stream Channels

Finished the bottom of the gauge ready add different toppers.

I 'll do a follow up video to finish the gauge topper.

If you have any suggestions please comment
Thank you for watching.

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I had to go searching for this Evil Santa posting…

@TinWhisperer did video

My DXF with backer


I reposted the twitch live stream from may 21 2023 on youtube.