Crappy quality on smaller parts

Hi there, I find that when I start cutting smaller parts (90x45mm rectantle with 7mm holes) my quality goes to crap and I have alot of post clean up.Is this scale of work not optimal for plasma?

titanium 45 @75psi with air water seperator @45 amps (fresh consumables)
3/16 steel plate

here are my settings
Screenshot 2022-12-07 125733

Screenshot 2022-12-07 124525

Are you using a machine torch? Your cut Height is too high and cut speed to fast for 3/8 steel.

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I am using the hand held torch head, does a machine head cut better? and its 3/16 steel plate im cutting, do you have any setting recommendations, thanks

Hi Franklin,

Your cut settings look fairly close to me in 3/16" material… I’m not a F360 expert but, looking at your images show a loss of cut quality that matches where your projected toolpath image indicates feed optimization in use. What happens if you turn this off and re-process the file or adjust settings there?

The torch has slowed down so far on the corners due to feed optimization that the plasma “flame” hunts around looking for more material to chew up. If that makes sense…

Maybe reduce pierce delay a bit as well…

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i should also clarify the provided air pressure is 110psi and I adjusted the plasma internal regulator to 75 psi according to this thread Titanium 45 Cut Chart - #8 by rat196426

Yes, the machine torch will give better results over the hand torch. The thread you referred to is mine. I have been cutting with the titanium 45 on my Pro table for 3 years and has worked great the entire time, I put the plasmadyn machine torch on it and use the Hypertherm consumables they last the longest. Your cut speed is too fast for 3/16 using titanium cutter.
Her is some pics of 1/.4 and 3/16 cuts. I will get you some cut speeds tomorrow.


Have you checked the drive collars for slippage, looks like in pics that screws might be slipping?

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will the plasmadyn machine torch minimize bevel? you’re cuts look perfect.
I just checked my collars and they are very tight and appear to not be slipping. I also went ahead and did a external regulator and set it for 75 psi at 75ipm cut speed. Im getting better
cut results now!.
i tried faster and slower speeds but dross was increased.

this is with out feed optimization, what do you think?
thanks for the help btw!

The machine torch made a world of difference for cut quality over using hand torch on table. did you check cut height?

Are those parts some kind of a mini jeep for kids or something?

Portable wood / briquet cooker. 75 cut speed I used with machine torch, but was too fast for the titanium hand torch?

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I’ll definitely have to order one!, I tried all types of cut heights ranging from .075 to . 025 and they all produced the same results which I thought was strange

My cut height .058, you need to check cut height with feeler gauges, let cut couple inches hit pause and check. The hand torch sucks for sure.

A few other points that may help…I agree with rat196426 that the Plasmadyn machine torch will improve your cuts greatly.and will pay for itself as the Titanium tips and electrodes are costly and not that great so you are probably going through a lot of them… . I am almost certain that you will need to increase the psi on the internal regulator (why they didn’t make it external Ill never know) but that regulator is knocking down your psi so it doesn’t matter what your external regulator is set at. When I first got my Plasmadyn PT60 it wouldn’t even fire because the air pressure was too low. Also just a personal note… I find Fusion to be cumbersome and not very intuitive to learn… I switched to Viacad 2d for $60 and it was so simple… I also prefer Sheetcam. $125… which is simple… and has great support (but they are based out of England so sometimes you have to wait 12 hours for a response) … Sheet cam has a “rules” you can create … one of the ones I found improved cut quality the most is anytime you have a hole smaller than 1/2" I have the machine slow down to 60% of the coded feed rate IPM… also have this happen leading into sharp/acute angles. it was kind of a game changer for me. I have only been at this a couple of years so I am no expert but these are things I found along the way. These are cool machines and even better once you learn some of these tricks.


as soon as I get paid this week I am going to order that torch, and I agree the titanium 45 consumables go fast and are pricey!! I removed the internal regulator and but on a external one so im good on that now. as far as cad software I am comfortable with fusion it would be hard for me to change.

I find that feed optimization does not perform well with the stock hand torch so as soon as I install my machine torch head I will update the post with my results, thank you for the help much appreciation!