Cover for the crossfire?

Anybody have a nice lightweight cover that they throw over their crossfire when not using it? I’ve noticed that the cutting fluid gets sprayed up on the arms of the machine and it attracts dust. And if you don’t wipe them off and also clean the surface of the skateboard bearings they accumulate gunk. Anybody got anything fitted that they use? Would there be interest in them if I could get a local company to produce them?

:smiley: I was just noticing mine was kind of grungy looking today. It’s covered in washing soda residue from the water in the water table evaporating (I drain it between uses but the spray and leftover undrained water evaporates out leaving the washing soda behind). I guess I ought to clean it but I’ve been busy with the assembly & mods to my blasting cabinet.

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I drain my crossfire about once a week. I found that if I drain the water table before removing the metal and iron filings, I get cleaner water. After wiping down the water table, I remove some of the slats and dress them up on the bench grinder. I’m using a green liquid made in Canada (a 5 gallon bucket costs alot, but it’s recommended to dilute it 20 to 1). I tried some 190micron filters, but they don’t do anything for filtering the water. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As to the crossfiire itself, what am I supposed to clean and what method is suitable. Has anyone seen a video about cleaning a cnc table?

I am using a powermax 30 Air and I change the electrode and tip after about 60 design cuts (about 1-1/2 sheets of 16 gauge mild steel.

I’m using the same greencut fluid. I don’t really see a need to clean out the water table that often. I drain the fluid each time but I leave all the fillings in the table. I’m more concerned about covering the table so dirt and dust don’t coat the Gantry arms. Right now I wipe them off before starting if it’s been sitting for a while.

Inexpensive bbq grill covers make pretty useful machine covers. Use them to cover various machines that I don’t want grind dust all over or keep them clean when outside in the shed.

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I made a 22ga aluminum shield that completely covers my gantry bearing assembly, held in place with two neodymium magnets. Magnets covered by patch of gorilla tape so attracted metal dust can be easily wiped away. Works excellent, keeps most of the splashes off my y axis rail and everything off my gantry bearings. My favourite mod.

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@Heli006 any pictures of that? Thanks

Yeah, I’d like to see that too

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I use one of the large furniture blankets, they are very inexpensive at harbor freight. Keeps it protected.

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