Coolant Flood Nozzle Bracket

Since the MR1 is fairly limited on Z height I’ve been using stub mills… especially since I’m cutting stainless.

The coolant nozzle location with the valve really needs to be raised up on the machine. I’m sure I’ll end up doing it myself but seems like a worthwhile design change because I’m not sure when I’m gonna need to reach 8" somewhere.

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Put a 1/4 npt street L 90 on the bulkhead . Problem solved… Plus you can mount the bulkhead fitting up instead of down. This pick you up another 1/2 inch.


That’s what I was figuring. That or I’ll move it up the spindle to the other similar faster and trim off the lip. Then it won’t even be close.

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flip your bulkhead over thread up.

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Yeah what @Bigdaddy2166 says you need to flip your fitting over. I also recommend installing a right angle fitting to go from 1/4 NPT male to female. That’s we we run on our machines here.

Similarly you can pick up a locline elbow such as this one:

Soon we’ll be delivering all flood coolant systems with this 90 degree elbow pre-installed.


I guess this is part of the pain of being an early adopter.

I’m guessing that the manual image will be updated but if the fitting needs to be flipped during install accurately representing it in the manual would have been appreciated.

Certainly looks like the nut is on the bottom in the manual to me.

I’ve since flipped the fitting (which makes the order of assembly kind of silly) and added a brass 90. @Bigdaddy2166 using a mix of materials like you did on yours would drive me crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


All I had at the time. I plan on a replacement a month ago. Haha. I guess I should take care of it now. You are correct. Dissimular metals do create problems.

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I didn’t like the 90, so I just flattened the tab on the bracket with my press and moved it up to the next screw position.


That is a great idea!!!I think that is the best coolant mod for machines with enclosures