Converting NON THC to THC control files from FireShare

How do you convert a a NON THC file to a THC file in fire control and Fusion 360 that was downloaded from Fireshare? I have tried all of the fixes from the internet with no luck. Please Help.


I’ll assume you have a .NC or .TAP file that you downloaded. The short answer is to edit the file and add H1 at the beginning of the cut sequence and H0 at the end.

Notice that after the Cut Height move (G0 Z0.062 (Cut Height) ) there is an H1. This turns THC on. After the last move, before the M5 (which turns Plasma Off), there is an H0, which turns THC off.

Depending on how many cut sequences you have, this can be time consuming. If you have a .DXF or .F3D, I’d personally start over in Fusion and let Fusion rewrite the G-code.

Edit - Looks like there is also a H0 right before the start of the first cut sequence. Right after the G20.

2nd Edit - The last line of the G-Code file needs to be the Program Speed.
G-Code 2

(PS100) Tells FireControl that the programmed cut speed is 100 (ipm in my case.) I’m not certain if this line exists in non-THC code. ie - If it’s not there, add it.


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Coming from the original Crossfire product where I wrote my own G-code or modified output from laser programs, all of the information needed to convert the old files for Fireshare and THC is available on this forum or on the Langmuir site.

Not really relishing the thought of learning a new software package to regenerate my existing G-code to work with Fireshare and THC, I searched discussion threads and figured out the file format that works. Once you know the command sequence, modifying the old files is fairly quick.

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do you have the files in another format other than gcode?
did you design them in another vector type program?

if you do/did then you have 2 options for processing them…Fusion360 or Sheetcam…those are the other approved postprocessor CAM plateforms that Langmuir supports.