Convert Tormac or Haas to MR-1

Is there a way to covert a .nc program created for a Tormac or Haas to be used with MR-1?

RMR Cutting Program (7.3 KB)

Just a quick look, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as is…except the tapping is not available.

Set your Z zero kinda high, and cut air…see how it works.

Would the machine be able to drill and than tap by hand? Is the MR-1 not capable of tapping threads?

It can drill, you’ll have to tap manually.

There is no tapping functionality. Maybe there will be some day…no idea.

Threadmill instead of tapping

I’m getting an error with the gcode. Is helix ramping supported on endmill entry?

Yes helical ramping and 3D profiling is supported. What error are you getting?

Is it possible to get a list of m codes and g codes that cut control supports?


Sorry for such a late response to this. I reinstalled the post and everything seems to be working. Went with the thread mill suggestion, so thank you for that.

One thing that I’m hoping gets fixed is the ability to be able to do tool changes. Right now I have to have separate programs for each tool change. It would be great if during a tool change the spindle would move to front, change tool and then return to last position and continue on.

Tool changes are coming in the illusive “next release this week” that will happen someday in the far future. lol


It will be nice to have the tool change feature whenever the next CutControl version arrives.