Continuous cut path

Has anyone figured out how to get continuous lines to cut continuous. I’m having issues in manufacturer on fusion 360 when setting my cut paths.

This looks uncutable to me. If you can manage to apply tool paths to this you will just have a pile of parts.

Yeah lots of cutots. All those closed paths are going to fall out. I’d stencilize this before cutting. Like putting a few breaks in the path for the windshield and headlights and grill and body, and almost every line :smiley: Adding breaks in the lines will allow no offset cuts and the car details will still show where the plasma cuts the lines “open”.

Thanks for the replies I cleaned it up some and cut it out, Most parts stayed in. I’m going to start over with the design as I need to make some changes and need more spacing between all the detail lines.

It will be a great looking piece. There are decisions to make on what is cut out and what’s not and how you want to attach them so it doesn’t fall apart.