Consumeables procurement

Razor weld 45 plasma cutter can’t seem to find consumables for this torch does anyone know what it is. Everyone I contacted says their product won’t work in it. Torch says J45H on the side of it.

@mechanic416 sells them. He states in a recent post that Razorweld has used a couple different torches in the last year. Look him up and hit post history or just go to his eBay store.

I’ve purchased from him in the past and can vouch. So can a lot of others here.

Thanks I gave him a call.

I had to contact Razor Weld about my cutter, it wouldn’t shut off at the rocker switch. Tech solution? Remove the waterproof covering on the rocker switch. Genius! anyway, the tech told me Hypertherm was building for them for my Razorcut 45. So I am hoping Hypertherm consumables work for me from my local welding supply PRAX Air.

Hi, is your torch like mine? I received the plasma cutter first in my order probably around last November or December.

That is BS Hypertherm is not building torch’s for Razorweld. If they were you would be paying 600 just for the torch. Get real!!!

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I never said they were building torches for razor weld, I’m merely looking at the parts that still have numbers on them that are legible they are six-digit and if you look that part up in hypertherm it looks to be exactly the same.

I did not say you did ! I was saying that if someone from Razorweld tell you Hypetherm is building the torch’s for Razorweld its BS.

Yes the numbers may be Hypertherm numbers, BUT I can tell you they are NOT Hypertherm consumables.

See my photos below, called Praxair today, they have them in stock. Also he mentioned that their "brand " of plasma cutter is made by Hypertherm to their specs. It is called the “Prostar”.

Hi, sorry about the confusion I didn’t mean to imply about anybody making anything just trying to find an outlet for parts for these. I ended up calling praxair as well and ordered some hypertherm stuff they seem to think it would fit fine.And from what I understand hypertherm is supposed to be the better product.

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Good to hear, I was only repeating what the Service Tech at RAZORWeld told me. No worries good luck!

It is the industry leader. But their torch & tip design is proprietary and covered by a boatload of patents so it seems unlikely that RW has anything that uses HT consumables.

Be sure to report back when you get your new ones in and let us know if they work and how well.


I just got off the phone with Hypertherm.

Hypertherm DOES NOT make torch’s for any other plasma cutter other then Hypertherm plasma cutters.

Hypertherm DOES NOT make plasma cutters for any other company.

Hypertherm also DOES NOT recommend using their consumables in or on torch’s that is not a Hypertherm.


Just to let you know, I have all the Original made in Italy consumables for that torch in stock but the retaining cup ( on back order) that will be here in a week or two.

Note: Hypertherm does NOT recommend using their consumables on that torch.

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Well George, I apologize for hitting such a raw nerve with you, as I said I was speaking to the Razorweld Rep concerning an issue I had new out of the box. He asked me which style did I have, I sent him a picture and he told me “the untellable”. Makes no difference to me, I paid for an $800 unit and I will use it to it’s best ability (and mine being new to plasma cutting and CNC). I did bother to go and look at your web page, very nice, I book marked it if I should need it at anytime in the future. I thank you for your input. I took the time to see if there was more substance to your comments and I am pleasantly surprised there is. Have a great day!

It just bugs me when this kind of misinformation is given by people that really don’t know what they are talking about, ether to make a sale or to make it sound like your getting something that your really not.

I will help anyone out with any plasma cutter on the market, all you have to do is ask. I posted the consumables that is made for that torch, they are not even listed on my ebay store. If you want to buy and use Hypertherm consumables on your torch that’s up to you.

Just a note here: The management at Hypertherm is looking into Praxair and its employees about telling people that their plasma cutter is made by Hypertherm.

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Just to be clear it was a Razorweld employee that told me that, not a Praxair.

Am I wrong that Langmuir does not sell the consumables for the Razor 45 torch, when I got my Razor 45, in June of 2020, the enclosed 6x8 instruction manual had the consumables numbers listed for the new torch. Langmuir emailed me and said they sale the consumables through their store.

There was no paperwork in the plasma cutter box that I received.