Constant Reflash of Firmware & Other issues

Did some searching, but did not find something similar. Recently on power up, Firecontrol has to reflash firmware. I let it reflash firmware, restart as prompted and it’s 50/50 chance it opens up again and asks to reflash firmware.

After I get through that cycle, sometimes it opens with no connection to height control. Once I move the Z-axis it realizes it’s there. This is when I usually run the THC test since it sometimes seems to get it functional.

When this first happened, I cleaned the brass connectors, reran the THC control test and it worked fine for the remainder of the day.

This started as occasional, no big deal.

Then it became inconsistent, and would take more and more attempts to make it work. Shut down, reboot, try this, try that. Swap consumables hoping for a miracle.

What happens is that after THC learn (or without) it starts to cut, runs the torch down to touch and just hangs. Hit stop and it just gets lost. Have to restart the whole thing.

The other day it took me about 45 minutes of hopes and prayers to get it to work, and once again it was fine for the remainder of the session.

Tonight I needed to do a quick cut, and I’m over an hour in. No dice.

All of this has been stable for 2 years:
Fire control V21.1.5
LS-THC v1.10
CrossFire v1.3ls
RazorWeld Cut45
Windows 11 on a PC that streams shop music, runs QCad, Sheetcam, and Firecontrol