Connecting razorweld 45

I have two ports on my razorweld, a (torch on port 4 pin) and 50:1 divder port.
I received a four pin input cable for the torch on/off port. I don’t know were the other end of this cable connects to. I tried connecting to the torch on/off port on the electronic box but it won’t slide in.

I didn’t receive any cable that will slide in to the 50:1 port on the razorweld. I did receive a cable I think would run from the VIM box to Two pin THC on electronic box.
So I am trying to figure were to go. I need a little help please.

Sometimes the male plug on the torch fire cable takes a bit of force to insert into the female port on the electronics enclosure.

Thank You I’ll give that a try.

Now what cable goes into the VIM box? Going out of the VIM box I went to the THC on Electronic box. Would it be the 50:1 divider port to VIM box

Hi John,

We sent out a 4 pin (torch port) and a 2 pin (THC output port) cable for each Razorweld machine. The 4 pin cable connects from the razorweld to the Torch ON/OFF port on the electronics enclosure and the 2 pin cable connects from the razorweld to the DIV INPUT port on the THC VIM module (small black box). I just looked up our records and for whatever reason we must have not sent you out this 2 pin cable. I have just created this replacement order and you should see tracking info in your email soon. Sorry about this!

Thank You very much. The pro went together great and I can already see the service is even going to be even greater

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Hello can you please help me with the wiring for thc? Razorweld 45 Crossfire Pro

I’m just completing the build of my Crossfire table, also using a Langmuir supplied Razorweld 45. While mine does have 2 ports on the front of it, I was confused as to which went to the torch on/off vs. the VIM, seeing as they are both 2 pin connectors.

Is this a running change (two 2 pin connectors, vs. a 4 and 2 pin connector)? I haven’t looked in detail at the supplied cables, to see if they are all 2 pin as well.

If this is current (and correct), which 2 pin port is for torch on/off and which is for the THC (VIM connection)?

No one knows for sure. Not kidding.

There should be a manual with your machine that says which is which. Some machines were shipped with an additional piece of paper advising that they are reversed from the manual.

The easiest way to know is to just hook them up and try to fire the torch from Firecontrol. If you hear the relay click on the control box and the torch doesn’t fire, reverse the connections and try again.

It won’t hurt anything to have them hooked up wrong.

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Thank you Daniel.

The left port ended up being my torch fire port. I was able to quickly confirm that by plugging in one of the cables into a port (started with the left port). With the Razorweld 45 off and unplugged and the torch connected, I connected the barrel plug (on the other end of this cable) to an ohm meter (continuity tester): one lead in the connector, one on the outer conductor. Then, I just pulled the trigger on the hand torch. The ohm meter read close to 0 ohms (continuity). Letting go of the trigger changed the ohm meter back to an “open” (no continuity). I moved the cable to the other port (which ended up being the port for the THC controller). Repeating this test, with the ohm meter, showed an “open” when I pulled the trigger on the torch handle, confirming that the left port was the trigger or torch control port.