Confused on what I need to connect Hypertherm 45 XP

I just got my pro and am in the process of assembling. First time wiith a plasma machine, and I’'m completely confused on what Hypertherm I need. With or without CPC, hand torch or machine torch, etc. I plan to use it mainly on the table, but may want to ust it by hand at some point. I also prefer not to hack into the machine too much (ideally would like plug and play). Can anyone advise the specifics? I see many different answers.

Get it with the hand torch, machine torch, and CPC port. Also get the Hypertherm machine interface cable or you can make one. You need it to connect to the THC if you ordered it. You won’t need to hack into the machine at all. This cable will connect your THC and torch firing to your plasma.

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Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP #088123 Machine System CPC 180M & 75H Torches 25’ Leads.

That #088123 is what you want then.

Yes, that’s the same one I have.

Also Langmuir announced that they will start to offer (this week or next) a cable that goes from the CPC port to the THC and electronics box, tentatively priced around $65. There will be no splicing, it will be plug and play. So if you get the machine listed above you will be good to go.

On Edit - Just to be clear you do NOT need to get the Hypertherm machine interface cable. That’s what Langmuir is providing, with termination that plugs directly into the Crossfire Pro electronics. Just the machine with CPC port, hand and machine torches.

@Greg9504 and possibly @langmuir-daniel where are we at with this interface cable? Take my money already. :crazy_face:

@dingus1331 I’m just a user like you (well at some point hopefully) , so I can’t answer that.
See here for more details:

Any updates on this cable Langmuir?

@Heath Unfortunately one of the pieces that we need to make these cables is affected by the COVID19 situation. We are monitoring the situation and hoping to have these available to start selling at the end of April. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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I thought I saw a thread designed for adding info on how people connected their Langmuir Pro to their specific Plasma Cutter. I have a HTP 875 SC Microcut with a machine torch. After a lot of research and conferring with a friend we figured it out.

Nowhere do is see this clearly explained. The Torch Firing Wire and the Divided Voltage input Cable both should be wired into the CPC male plug. The wiring for the HTP is identical fo the Hypertherm CPC. Also, if you need to make the plug you should have the pin crimping tool.

Here are all the parts and the tool.

CPC Male Plug

Pin Crimping Tool


Back shell with strain relief for Male Plug


Thanks for sharing!

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I thought that the black wire should go to pin #6 and the red wire to pin # 5 for the Hypertherm 45xp with the provided thc pig tail ???

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Sorry can’t get pic to load

I don’t recall which it is but I do know the Langmuir manual is correct. I used their instructions (verified against Hypertherm’s wiring diagram) and it works correctly.

Ok thanks I got mine wired by langmuir instructions, didn’t want to fry my electronics. Going to try some cuts tomorrow.
Thanks Deryl

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I’m confused on what the two black pieces are, I get the male end for the CPC, but i don’t know what the black shell clamp is?

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Strain relief & protection for the cables. Will still need to either add a bit of filler material or some tape to the end as there’s more than enough room for the 4 small wires we need to use.

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So the wiring diagram above is the same as the cable that Langmuir is making? I have the table now assembled and just waiting on the cable to connect the machine up and start using. Looks easy enough to make if that is all there is to it. Mike, can you confirm? I should have confirmed…I know the poster noted it was for a different machine, but this exact cable is what is needed for a Hypertherm 45XP?

How hard should this wire be to plug in because the box will flex and it still will not go in so I quit instead of risking breaking anything.