Computer Problem

I was given an all in one touchscreen pc and thought this would be great for the table. The computer is a few years old and has been wiped clean and updated to windows 10. Works just fine. I downloaded the Firecontrol software (version for older graphics cards) and it freezes up. Example, when i jog to set origin it will take off, the only way to stop it is disconnect the usb. I have checked to see if my usb is grounding to the table and it is not. I have done the mod to the circuit board on the langmuir. When i connect it to my laptop everything is fine. No issues. But my laptop is running on battery. I am wondering if it has something to do with the power supply for the all in one computer as its like a laptop charger? Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Most of the time any electrical interference occurs when the torch fires. You could grab a ground isolating plug to use with the computer.

Is there anyway it could be dirty hands making the screen think you are still touching it? You could hook up mouse so you don’t have to touch the screen to test that theory.

How old is your table I thought the mod was only for the older tables.

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It’s the computer, I had the same issue. If you use 20.6.2 it will work. I bought a new mini PC when I ordered the limit switch kit and now it’s all working like it should.

Thank you very much Bill. That did it. I un-installed the current version and installed20.6.2. Problems went away. Now if i could just get the 10-20hrs of my life back spent on this issue. Lol. If anyone knows the reason for this issue i would love to know in case it happens again in the future via updates.

Thanks again Bill.

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