Compressor quandary, is it really a big deal?

My ol’ Home Depot 20 year old Husky 60 gallon compressor just froze up cock stiff (nod to AvE) and now its time to replace it and prepare for the last of my table to show up.

Do i just go down and buy another Home depot special, spend some coin on a quiet 4hp California Air Tool compressor or go with two Lowes 26 gallon Quiet Tech?

On one hand the quiet compressor would be nice, BUT the noise of the table cutting will necessitate earplugs anyway.

Im only running a Razorweld 30 machine that uses 6CFM at 75psi.

I need a kick in the right direction.

I have a California air compressor and freaking love it…
it presently sits in my basement below my living room…and I can barely hear it.
and mine is the 20 gallon twin head…and it keeps up with cutting

I like the fact I can do other work and still hear stuff when the compressor runs…

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Don’t do the double route. Looks like a pain and takes up more space, more to troubleshoot.

Buy a standard 60 gal, 5hp compressor and with the money you save by not buying the fancy quiet thing, you can get started on your air drying setup.


Quincy makes great compressors. 30k hour life. Air drying is important to consistency… harbor freight has one for around 400 $. I put this one in to my whole shop air system… probably overkill for just plasma, but I’ve got auto tool changers and collett closers on machines and h²o is a no go there.

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I have a fan and radiator mounted on the old compressor i will add inline of the new setup. I’m in AZ and im not too greatly concerned with humidity.

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If it’s just the pump that went bad you can replace it with a HF pump. I just put their 5hp pump and installed in on my 6.5hp 60 gallon compressor. I had to modify the mount a little. They have a 3hp version also. I paid $165…worth a shot.