Commanding "Work" Zero in FireControl (Solved)

I received and installed my limit switch kit for the Crossfire Pro. Easy install and great instructions!
I was under the impression that I would be able to “home” my machine to (0,0) then “set” my work zero to say (13,-13) and have the machine jog itself to that coordinate then run my program. Maybe I’m missing something? anybody out there try doing that? It seems to me that would be the biggest benefit to having a machine coordinate system… otherwise the limit switch upgrade is kinda lack luster… IMO.

I suppose this is more of a question for the XR community guys since the pro is just now gaining those extra functions the XR came with.

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You should have no issue doing this. Maybe I’m missing something in your question.

Home > Manually Set Work Coordinates (in DRO) > Go to Work Zero / Start Program

Which part isn’t working?

I type in the work coordinates in the Work DRO then hit Go to Work Zero and the error pops up in FireControl and machine obviously doesn’t jog at that point.
(the error pertains to hitting limits in (X,Y) ) ill have to go get the correct verbiage…

I feel like I’m commanding the machine in the correct (x,y )directions which would be (+X, -Y), right?

My machine homes correctly and my soft limits seem to be set correctly…


Try the opposite (-13, 13) into the DRO and Go to Work Zero.

Ill let you know how that goes… (at work at the momment :frowning: )

(-X,+Y) works!

Doesn’t make much sense to me… but ill take it!

thanks again! stellar products!

Because the origin is in the top left corner that’s 00 mark.

everything below that line is a negative Y number and everything above that line is a positive number on the y-axis.

And everything to the right of that line is a positive x value and everything to the left of that line is a negative x value.

I just received my limit switches yesterday, I’m excited to hook them up.