Climbing THC live voltage

Hey guys, I’ve search around on this forum for a solution to my THC live voltage issues but have not found an equivalent issue.

I am running a crossfire pro with THC and a razor weld 45. All fire control and thc updates installed.

For several months now I have had a fairly consistent issue of the THC live voltage climbing from the time I open fire control until it maxes out at 300v. I have on occasion been able to get the issue to go away by disconnecting the THC box and plugging it back in but that seems to be less and less effective.

The voltage climbs regardless of the torch firing or not. I’m guess i have some kind of faulty cable or dvi box but troubleshooting has not been fruitful. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Below is the link to a video of the issue. I also sent the video to tech support

Have you gone thru the thc troubleshooting flowchart?

I have. I did go through and do some continuity tests tonight again. I found continuity between the electronics box and the machine frame when i wiggled the box. i opened the box and added rubber washers to the mounting screw. I think that resolved that issue but I’m not certain that is the only issue. I have parts to run tomorrow so i’ll see how it works. i was expecting to find a defective or damaged cable on the ihs or thc circuit but i have not found anything suspect. I dont have alot of electrical knowledge though so i dont really trust my guessing.